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Stuart Crouch

Just as some jokes carry deeper meaning, comics are not always limited to being merely quick wit and humor. Sometimes, particularly with things in the artistic realm, things are suggested or portrayed in a way make a statement concerning our social circumstance, or in this instance, a social ill. Certainly, we all mourn the losses of our neighbors in Santa Fe, as well as those in the other communities across our country at the hands of criminals and the mentally unstable that continue to enjoy access to firearms. For one to be offended by this comic panel, I can only hope it is due to its poorly-timed publication date rather than the message contained within it.

michaelsmith Staff
Michael A. Smith

I agree with your point to some extent, but some subjects are never appropriate for comics page. I don’t think cartoons about rape, child abuse, suicide, genocide or a whole bunch of other grim subjects should ever appear on that page, which is supposed to be comical, by design, even if they made a relevant point. The funny pages are supposed to be funny, or at least attempt that, and offer a little respite from the hard subjects that fill most of the rest of the paper.
Thanks, however, for a thoughtful comment.

Raymond Lewis

Had to go back and read it. I can see how the timing for this particular strip was not in good taste for this area. Ordinarily this strip is fairly middle of the road. But lets see how the next one fairs. The new strips are good by the way. Pearls Before Swine makes me literally laugh out loud.

Casey Alan

The timing was off especially for this area I do agree. But the point is this is how our life is now in present day. And it will be more common in the future unless we do something about it now. That’s the point .

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