Fog causes port problems

A shrimp boat navigates through the fog while coming into port in Galveston on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019.

This fog is getting old.

Residents along the upper Texas Gulf Coast are not imagining things — the recent stretch of fog is leading many to question whether they’ve somehow been transported to the upper reaches of the Great Northwest.

To those who are visiting during spring break, we promise this is not normal.

That said, here are some ideas about what to do in the fog.

Visit the great downtown shopping districts in the county. League City has a beautiful area highlighted with oak trees and locally owned shops.

And Texas City is another you might want to visit as the recent renaissance along 6th Street, the city’s historical commercial district, is in full swing. Clean, freshly updated streets and unique boutiques are perfect places to spend a few hours letting the fog clear.

And then we might suggest a visit to Galveston’s Historic Downtown Strand District, where you can have as much fun just looking at the architecture as you can popping into dozens of locally owned shops and restaurants.

Discover a new seafood restaurant. Visitor or not, if you are not seeking out fresh seafood along the upper Texas Gulf Coast, you are missing a great opportunity to enjoy some of the freshest dishes you’ll find anywhere.

With the lively fishing industry and the fishermen having deep ties to the local restaurants, fresh seafood can be caught and eaten within the same area code.

Take a walk in the fog. Everything looks different in the fog and simply taking a walk along the Galveston Seawall is enough to give you an almost spooky chill as the waves crash ashore nearby. And if you happen to be on the Boardwalk in Kemah, boats coming in and out of Clear Lake and into the channel offer an almost mystic appearance.

Find a new museum. The county is home to dozens of interesting local theaters and museums. From The Bryan Museum in Galveston, home to one of the most interesting and largest collections of authentic Western items you’ll ever find, to touring a submarine at the Galveston Naval Museum on Pelican Island, you’ll be able to make memories while the fog swirls around outside.

Take photos. No filter in the world will give you the unique and haunting perspective a bank of fog can provide. Everything looks more dramatic and interesting when shrouded in fog.

Again, the fog won’t last forever. We promise. Soon the sun will break through and you will, believe it or not, be wishing for a cloud to enter the sky.

Until then, enjoy the show.

• Leonard Woolsey

(6) comments

Richard Illyes

The Daily News is truly a treasure. The recent piece on the Texas City Museum led me to drive over and take it in. I came away with a totally different view of Texas City. The Sixth Street area is really nice. I dropped my Houston Chronicle subscription. Those people seem to be living in a different universe. If it is important the Daily News will cover it. Thanks Leonard Woolsey for running a world class newspaper.

George Croix

I must be getting a lot less adventurous in my old age because if the fog is so thick that I could only hear, not see waves breaking on rocks 50 feet away, or see only ghostly images of fishing boats less than a 100' away, I'm not so sure driving in it to those places is such a good idea.

Jarvis Buckley

I dropped Houston Chronicle long ago. GCDN most definitely a great paper. Having said that. I am still a might concerned about their liberal views. It goes without saying they will
endorse whomever the socialist pick to run against our President, even though Republicans will carry Galveston county as usual.

Gary Scoggin

GCDN “ liberal views” — that’s a good one, Jarvis.

George Croix

Don't like liberal?
How about, unilaterally left........
Or, will the conservative member of the Editorial Board kindly correct me....

Gary Miller

Does GCDN employ a conservative?

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