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Gary Scoggin

Whenever an article’s lede mentions Justin Hicks, I know it will be funny. Before it turns depressing.

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] Well stated. Books reflect our humanity - some of it is offensive. Some of it is challenging. Some of it is archaic. Some of it is silly. Some of it is overwhelming. If you want your kids to grow into adults who can make sense of this world, send them to a library where they can sample it all.

Charles Douglas

What next for this Woke Society,... Adolescent Brothels? We, have just about everything else working! We have some here okaying males wearing dresses in order to gain entrance into female restrooms to facilitate attacking young girls, and we got old fools existing here now thinking it is their duty ( Not the Parents ) ..to educate little kids on the intricacies of sex, and more! So what's left?

It is said that Sodom & Gomorrah ( Genesis 18: 20-21 ) was so sinfully bad that God himself came down to take a look ..( and likely a sniff at the stink. )..before the cities were destroyed! I will wager if God came down here now, Sodom & Gomorrah would come out ahead in comparison, ten ways to Sunday!

David Hardee


David Hardee

Coming out of the media is always that one solution for all issues, permissiveness. Journalist have a unique intersect with library's, publications, and media. In general, journalist cannot proceed on the path of discrimination even if faced with a personal affront do to ethics and or morality, since that would be censoring. Journalism has been hijacked by liberalist and obviously is restricted from using thoughts that incorporate discrimination because that would slow down the movement toward what is the ultimate quest, progressive. That word "progressive" is a vexing nuisance because it has a vernacular association with meaning, positive. Saying it is progressive innuendos, improving. Progressive liberal is an establishment in the world of politics which will include any who will adopt permissive and adapt to any agenda that is all inclusive. This is akin to a refuse collector with no restrictions, and totally ignoring there is hazardous material in the collection. Same as with the progressive liberal’s who do not discriminate.

A library and its contents is the subject of this article. But the real issue is what the library does. More specific is whether the library should handle some of its collected materials as hazardous. In this article hazardous is the books that are specifically oriented to children and contain an intention to expose children to sex in some form. The library in the USA has never been put under this much scrutiny in my recall; and I have had a library card for 74 years. So what has happened to the library causing it to be an issue for scrutiny. It's not the library that has changed. It is the society that has changed. It is not the staid old library card holders that changed nor the traditional authors that produces books of all types, including every spectrum of sex in its most titillating presentations.

Forget the library as the issue. The library is just being incorporated into the much larger issue that has been PROGRESSING in society since the constitution identified specific segmentations (race, color, gender, sexual preference, etc.) of society.

I could lead and educate you through the path of incidents like the Hayes morality restriction, the Hustler magazine Supreme court opinion, Gaëtan Dugas introducing HIV into the San Francisco homosexual playground, Jesus in a bottle of Urine is artistic free speech, etc. but that would take more space then available,

The library is another of the progressive liberals cabal, specifically the LGBTQ wing of the Big Tent, attack points in attempt to indoctrinate children into their peculiar sexual activities,

Ergo, the actual need is to declare that society will not permit any perpetrators of any intentional agenda to indoctrinate children. How we accomplish that is to restrict the products from any promotion or display that is in the PUBLIC venues of children, period.

Children's exposure to sex is to be the sole prerogative of their legal guardians, only. Schools are not to incite curiosity or enter into the psychological sexual development of children in the primary levels. Incidents that occur in the school associated to sex are to be referred to the guardians and considered as interference with the NORMAL school agenda, thus discouraged.

Charles Douglas

Amen Mr. Hardee! In my most humbled opinion, schools are having a hard enough time teaching kids math, reading, writing, history, and science, without seeking to submarine under parents and dabbling into teaching sex knowledge, practices, and behaviors to the kids of parents! Nobody hired them for that, and I'd bet money it does not appear in their contracts anywhere saying they are responsible for such instructions! So that makes it WOKE! That makes it POLITICAL, & UNCONSCIONABLE!

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