Those of us at The Daily News would like to extend our warmest wishes to you and yours on this Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

We hope you are surrounded by friends, family, and those who give your life color and purpose.

But we also would like to take this time to encourage you to step forward to help those in need.

Granted, this should be something we should all do on a daily basis, but this year we in Galveston County should make an extra effort. For many, there will be an uninvited guest — one who goes by the name of Harvey — sitting at many Thanksgiving tables this year.

Only a few months ago, Hurricane Harvey came to town and turned our communities upside down. Thousands of homes and tens of thousands of people were directly affected by the historic floodwaters.

And even today, as the event moves further into the past, too many are still living the storm’s damage in the present — homes severely damaged, exposed walls waiting on recovery repairs, and too many are unable to return to their homes at all.

Many times, we talk about helping others in the abstract — checking a box on a donation card or tossing a few well-meaning dollars into a donation canister. But this year, the need is as close as homes and businesses in your local ZIP code or on your block.

There are many churches and support groups offering assistance to families this year. And as a result of Harvey, the Salvation Army may find new faces at their generous tables. A flooded kitchen is no place to prepare a Thanksgiving meal. Furthermore, hunger is not selective about where it is satisfied. We are blessed to have the Salvation Army and other community-based groups standing by to help.

Here is how you can directly help. We would suggest reaching out to both the Galveston County Recovery Fund, the Salvation Army and United Way organizations. We have great faith in their professionalism and good stewardship for getting the aid to those who need it with the greatest efficiency.

Today as you give thanks for your blessings, please take a few moments to help those with an uninvited guest named Harvey sitting at their table.

• Leonard Woolsey

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