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David Hardee

An excellent description of the impending disaster as the lawyers assemble for another feeding frenzy. Our society is being pulverized with litigation. In the clutches of China virus, BLM infection and these creating drain on the treasury raising the debt. Society is facing enormous challenges.. We were making America great again but have encountered some obstructions. Hard work ahead.

Dwight Burns

America is already great.

Your agenda is what's wrong in America. All the code talk in the world won't change the fact most Americans are opposed to the Trump's Administrations attempt at turning the clock back on racist agendas such at voting rights, equal treatment under the law, fair housing practices and list goes on.

Moreover, we, as a voting public, are not going back. This coming election will prove this fact.

Gary Scoggin

Spot on. Liability protection for businesses that made good faith efforts to follow CDC and other guidelines is a completely reasonable position. Trial lawyers are the Achilles Heel of the Democrats. The Party would be wise not to give in to them.

Bailey Jones


Wayne D Holt

Laura, thank you for this and other features you've written that take a sober look at the very real damage the response to Covid-19 has had on businesses (mostly small/medium) in our community and across the country.

Attempting to defend oneself against a charge that your business was responsible for an infection would require costly litigation but a potential payday nonetheless for personal injury lawyers on contingency.

I truly wish a more thoughtful approach had been taken from Day One of this epidemic so that these businesses would not be fighting for their life right now. While it is a crying shame that sensible policy prescriptions must be sought in the pages of the Galveston Daily News rather than at the Statehouse and City Hall where the responsibility rests, it provides another example of why a free press remains freedom's friend when publishers provide access to all opinions, not just those of the most shrill voices.

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