In 1977, the Galveston Academic Excellence Booster Club created the Top 50 Awards to recognize outstanding students and teachers in local schools, both public and private.

The annual awards program honoring Galveston’s “Top 50” is one of the island’s finest traditions.

Each year, schools in the community nominate their top students for the honor. Each of the honored students in turn chooses a teacher to honor.

For most of the 43 years since it created the awards, the club has held an event to recognize the 100 students and teachers that exemplify academic excellence in local schools.

That was not possible this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Like all years, however, the club awarded $1,500 scholarships to 14 graduating seniors — 12 attending Ball High School, one attending O’Connell College Preparatory School and one attending Odyssey Academy.

The students received their scholarships, and they and the teachers received certificates noting their honors in the mail this year.

The quality of our schools is one of the most important criteria by which residents and potential residents judge our community. Excellence in education will assure our community’s future.

The Galveston Academic Excellence Booster Club was founded in 1976 with the mission to act as a strong advocate for academic excellence in the public and private elementary, middle and high schools of Galveston.

The booster club is an all-volunteer service organization directed by an administrative board comprised of Galveston residents. The desire to support academic excellence in all Galveston schools is the link that joins the members together.

The booster club supports the Galveston community by providing recognition, tangible rewards and important incentives to students and teachers recognized for outstanding academic achievements. Aside from the Top 50 awards and, usually, the ceremony, each year the booster club provides more than 600 certificates of achievement to exemplary students.

We tip our hats to the students who were honored. The community is proud of your achievements.

We also congratulate the teachers who made such a difference in a top student’s life.

The club is made up of volunteers and relies on contributions. If you’d like to be a part of this tradition, you can write a check to the Galveston Academic Excellence Booster Club, P. O. Box 3493, Galveston, TX 77552-3493. Information is available at

To the donors and volunteers, we say thank you for supporting such a worthy endeavor.

• Daily News Editorial Board

Michael A. Smith: 409-683-5206;


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