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A new report by PEN America — a nonprofit organization that works to protect free speech in the United States — reports Texas has banned more books than any other state. The total stands at 801 across 22 school districts, compiled in a report that looked at the numbers from July 21 to June 2022.


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Norman Pappous

So you would allow "The Elders of Zion" in your school's library?

Carlos Ponce

There are books inappropriate for school age students. If you want your child to read one buy it yourself.

Diane Turski

Stop electing these "Morality Police" individuals!! Remember in November!!

Dalton Logan

Oh don't worry, when people fuel their cars and/or stop and to buy groceries when going to the polls, they will remember this November. You can count on it.

Gary Scoggin

I agree that there are books that inappropriate for school libraries for youth of all levels and there are some that are inappropriate for youth that are perhaps less mature than others. Some of the books people want to ban are far too exhaustive; others want to allow books that shouldn’t be there. Frankly, I’m at a loss of how to reconcile the two extremes. My bias is the fewer books that are banned the better, but I don’t know where to draw the line.

Craig Mason

Maybe leave the books and have an automatic notification sent to the parents whenever a book is checked out. Let the parent decide if it is appropriate. You know kind of like masks and vaccines and stuff like that. You know instead of banning for all maybe leave some room for freedom of choice.

Christopher Smith

Thank you Ivy. Excellent column. Rather than trying to interfere with what other people read, book banner should just focus on their own children. If they dont want their kid reading books, dont take them to the library.

Carlos Ponce

"dont take them to the library"

These are SCHOOL libraries, Christopher. As a tax payer I would not want my tax dollars spent on certain titles.

Gary Scoggin

I think we all feel that way to one degree or another. The hard part is deciding which books should be banned.

Carlos Ponce

A school librarian has a budget to work within. He or she looks for recommendations from award winning children's book list and from teachers. Older books that are not being checked out are discarded to make room for newer books. The list is submitted to the principal who approves or edits the list. Based on the principal's time they are usually all approved.

In the 21st century libraries now have computers with access to an education region data base for books available to students digitally. Rights to display the texts, audios and videos are obtained by the state. Local schools use Region IV.

Ted Gillis

But you don’t mind your tax dollars being spent on certain “other” titles, right Carlos?

Carlos Ponce

Like what, Ted?

Thomas Carpenter

Texas, the Harold Hill of the book banning parade. If these shysters banning books cared a whit about the students reading these books, they'd let the kids read. What's next, banning Purity Balls?

Carlos Ponce

Thomas Carpenter picked up "The Kama Sutra" before he learned to read.... he liked the pictures.

David Hardee

What a poor presentation in the editorial section of a 4th Estate publication. The word "banned" in the context of this article is improperly applied. The article centered on schools and children. Note - Every paragraph reference school and or children and their association to and with books (meaning published media) that is either in the curriculum (forced) or (supplied) the libraries that are purchased with public fund located on public property (schools)

The word "banned" is inappropriate because the process of determining which published media is selected is done by a process of discrimination executed universally whether that media is a used for a stem or a social oriented education.


This article is another of the products from a journalist with an opinion that is infected with the progressive liberal idiocy that - any discrimination is bad. The selection of a curriculum and the books used in a curriculum is a NECESSARY process of discrimination. And in that discrimination process the primary objective must be to provide a generic education without any items that would be or create a perception that an agenda of a controversial impacts is to be promoted. Impressive mind are not petri dishes for cultural experimentation. And it is not the prerogative of public schools to be social indoctrinators, ever.

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