Do you know an Unsung Hero? Someone who does little things to make a city or a neighborhood better without expecting anything in return?

Every year for too many to count, The Daily News has told the stories of these wonderful, modest people as part of the newspaper’s annual Profiles edition.

Profiles is undergoing a major renovation for 2020 — more about that later. The newspaper’s long tradition of honoring the selfless among us will continue, however.

And as in all years, we need your help now in finding those quiet people who do so much without making a fuss about it.

Do you know someone like that?

We’re not looking so much for people who are good at their jobs, although we’ll consider those nominations and have honored people for their paid efforts from time to time in the past.

The real Unsung Heroes, however, are people who do good in the community without expectation of reward other than, perhaps, the personal satisfaction that comes with doing good.

Unsung Heroes are those essential people who serve on community boards and committees. Unsung heroes are the ones who always show up ready to contribute.

Some do good works that are even less formal and organized but are no less essential to the community.

They take care of needy neighbors; they give people rides to the doctor and the grocery store; they care for children while parents work; they pick up litter and care for stray animals; they mow a neighbor’s yard; they help keep children out trouble.

They do things to help, to make the community work, that we haven’t even thought about or heard of before.

That’s the point.

Making a nomination is easy. We just need your nominee’s name, address and phone number.

Also, include your name, address and phone number. Then tell us — in no more than 300 words — why this person is an unsung hero. Community News editor Angela Wilson will be collecting nominations through March 1.

You can send nominations to her at

The Daily News will publish articles and photographs of a dozen or so Unsung Heroes from across the county in the spring.

The Daily New is committed to continuing to honor these vital members of all our communities. Please help us by taking a few minutes to nominate someone worthy of being named an Unsung Hero for 2020.

• The Daily News Editorial Board

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