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Ted Gillis

Maybe Abbott should should resign first! Show us some real leadership governor. Lead by example.

And take that loud mouth Patrick with you. Neither of you know what the heck you are doing.

Carlos Ponce

Resign? No. But reveal. He has moved to the center in hopes of getting positives from the Liberal media for a 2024 Presidential run. Bad move.

Bailey Jones


Chuck DiFalco

"Gov. Greg Abbott made a show of calling for Magness’ resignation" That's the best thing he's done his entire tenure as governor. This isn't scapegoating, Mr. Smith. There must be accountability, which starts with the removal of the entire ERCOT board one way or another. Holding nobody accountable right now for this spectacular failure of leadership only invites more deadly incompetence.

Mary Gillespie


Gary Miller

One thing should be made clear. Wind turbines used in cold climates are designed with built in protections making them more costly and less productive than warm climate Turbines.

Bailey Jones

Here, Gary - let me fix that for you:

"Electric generators of all kinds used in cold climates are designed with built in protections making them more costly and less productive than warm climate electricity generators."

Even nuclear plants - which you would think would be weatherproof - shut down when their cooling water began to freeze.



And natural gas - that most Texan of Texas energy - was the biggest failure. Gas wells froze and gas production fell from 24 to 12 billion cubic feet per day. And we don't store much natural gas - because why would you when it just comes out of the ground - so when the wells freeze, the power stops flowing.


It's past time to winterize our power grid. This wasn't even a blizzard or an ice storm - it was just cold temperatures. Let's see if our Texas state government steps up to fix the problem, or defers to protect corporate profits. I predict much talk about the former, but in the end the latter will prevail.

David Blumentritt

How about some facts instead of liberal opinions for a change. Our electrical grids operate at a standard 60 Hz frequency. The reason why the generators were knocked off line was the frequency of the Texas grid dropped below the safety limit, likely triggered by ERCOT monitors failure to recognize the wind generators 50% drop and subsequent impact on the rest of the grid. This happened overnight. All the other factors discussed including weatherization, production incentives are all factors in the inability to respond to this fatal error. If the governor or AG said it was due to over reliance on renewables the error they made was probably in the word selection. More descriptive term would be overconfidence. Texas energy policy remains all of the above and we don't need Federal regulations reminiscent of Jimmy Carters failed energy policies of picking winners and losers.

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