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Ron Woody

Interesting this column has been up for 12 hours and no comments. I am sure that de-funding the police and eliminating the white male patriarchy will solve the problem!

Until people of all races want to have a serious discussion with facts and leave the emotional rhetoric aside nothing will change and that is sad.

Bailey Jones

I doubt that the white male patriarchy who regularly leave comments here care much about brown and black kids killing each other. I do, but I know that ending youth violence means investing in the education and economic development of under served communities, and people who don't care much about brown and black kids killing each other also aren't interested in spending money on them or their communities - unless that money is spent on law enforcement.

Or maybe they just don't want to deal with the consequences of a bunch of hot heads "exercising their second amendment rights".

Carlos Ponce

I doubt that the white male Liberal patriarchy who regularly leave comments here care much about brown and black kids being killed through abortion.

Ray Taft

How true. White male Liberal patriarchy Democrats encourage and promote abortion, and the result is millions and millions of black people who will never be born; the result is that in Democrat-run cities like New York, more black babies are killed than born.

Ray Taft

The number of black people murdered every week in cities like Chicago and Baltimore, cities that have been run exclusively by Democrats for decades, should be a national scandal, but nothing is ever done. While countless black people fall, it’s all swept under the rug to protect the white male Liberal Democrat Political Machine.

Bailey Jones

You're not as wrong as I usually say you are, Ray.

David Hardee

Again the Daily News is reporting on this local disaster. Hopefully, it will create a tremendous public response. The previous articles don’t seem to have stimulated public response. May be needed is front-page headlined of “Serial murders threaten the local community.” will arouse the public to assist the police.

The article tells that La Marque police begged the citizens of La Marque for help. Obviously, La Marque has citizens that know and can identify the culprits and for sake of the community must come forward with information. La Marque must help itself.

If the citizens do not step forward and assist the police on this chronic shooting/killing of and by young people then La Marque is lost into the classification of treacherous cities joining others where murder and mayhem dominate.

No new projects or diversions will have any significant effect until those culprits responsible for these dastardly deeds are eliminated from society.

It is unfortunate that every issue of anti-social behavior is used by commenters to produce a racial or political reason and want to opine how to apply a salve of accommodation or appeasement as a solution.

La Marque’s shootings and killings have been definitely defined as a feuding and retaliation confined to Rap music [reformers/producers. There is no indication that a racial component exists. If it is allowed persisting these instigators and activists will certainly try to bring it into the realm of racial causation.

Stop it. Arrest the culprits and let the citizens make La Marque great again.

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