After months of doing nothing, Democrats in Congress appear poised to achieve something at last — or rather, multiple somethings, from protections for same-sex marriage to tens of billions of dollars toward computer chips to, finally, an economic package passed through reconciliation.

There’s still room for the majority to make this last something the best it can be.


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Bailey Jones

Let's not count our chickens until they're hatched. This is the Democratic Party after all.

Carlos Ponce

"a popular bill to let Medicare negotiate the prices of a select set of drugs — thereby driving down costs" Sounds familiar........

"Under Trump’s proposal, certain U.S. Medicare drug prices would be lowered to international levels slowly over several years. Another part of the plan would allow commercial vendors to negotiate directly for drugs covered through Part B—as they now do for Medicare Part D—by creating a new middleman that would also distribute and manage the drug inventory for clinics and doctor’s offices, and deal with billing. The idea is that vendors would be able to negotiate lower prices through improved competition." October 25, 2018

George Laiacona

As in the past, there is not one Republican on board. They can’t afford to make the Biden administration look good in the eyes of the voters

Carlos Ponce

Negotiation of drug prices is but one item in the "Inflation Reduction Act of 2022". In reality it is "Build Back Better" with a new name but with the same flaws.

Don Schlessinger

George if the Dems can't make Sliden Biden look good the Republicans sure as "H" can't help him.

Charles Douglas

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!!!!! So let me get this straight. The WOKE wants conservatives to go SLIDING,..GLIDING, HIDING, & SIDING with JOE BIDEN? DAT RIGHT? Well first I want to see if San-Fran-Nan has the intestinal fortitude or the "swing" defy what Daddy XI JING of 🇨🇳 China said about visiting 🇹🇼 Taiwan!! Gobble, Gobble... then I will think about it! [beam]

George Croix

The Inflation Reduction Act.

Gotta love that...

President Biden is very fortunate to have the base that he does.

Ted Gillis

And Joe Namath and JJ Walker can promote these private middleman schemes on TV by telling the consumer to “check their zip code”. Sounds like just another way to placate the drug companies Carlos.

Carlos Ponce

Looks like Ted checked his Zip Code.[rolleyes]

George Croix

This would be the same WAPO that recently proclaimed VP K. Harris to be the frontrunner if either the current President or Joe Biden decide not to run in 2024.

That would be the same K. Harris who was first to drop out, no, 'suspend' her campaign (indefinitely...more 'redefining'...) of the presidential primaries with support near zero. Now, in less than a couple years, the likely top dog.

Ain't America great...nobody does it better at betting against the instant replay than us...

Looks like that trip to El Paso will pay off....

Look for the other Admin. checked boxes members to start checking more of them.

I mean, a 1024th part is nothing to sneeze at.....


Charles Douglas

Mr. Croix> Your assessments here are right on target! I mean I cannot believe the length and depth,.. these people will go to destroy this nation! A nation which is a shining light on a hill which CANNOT BE HID! It is a nation that those who are hungry, oppressed, depressed, and those who yearns to be free are literally dying in order to get here, and these WOKE Politicians are trying their best to fundamentally tear it down from being exceptional! That was the premise of why OBAMA received the Nobel Peace Prize! He was awarded that prize within 12 months of taking office because he wasted no time in going on a world tour at taxpayer expense, telling the world he was sorry to be an American in so many words! Even his family was NOT proud of their country until he won the Presidential Election! His wife said as much on national TV!

So, it looks like qualifications here have been thrown out the window. You just have to look a certain way, belong to a certain group, click, or know a certain person to make it now I guess. I wonder if that is the message we want to pass on to the next generation? Really? What is the matter with these people? Look at the damage these attacks on this Nation have caused! Look at our Economy! Look at our Military! Look at our Law Enforcement Departments! Look what these attacks on our Schools are doing to our kids!!! I am a product of Segregation, Jim Crow, & Seperate But Equal! I fought against them wherever I saw them! They were my enemies and like the devil ....STILL IS! I have stood up against White Racism in the South during the HEYDAY of Racism, and proud to say I had the GUTS to stand up against Black Racism where I found it in Vietnam too during the same time period,... place where you could and some did, ...lose their lives for bucking the wrong practices! I made a personal vow on the plane I landed in-country in, and that was if I had to go down, .... I WAS GOING DOWN ..STANDING UP!!

The Great MLK made a speech so many years ago which as an African-American, changed my life and my expectations, and approaches toward success! It went like this:

" If it falls to your lot to be a street sweeper, sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures, sweep streets like Beethoven composed music ... Sweep streets like Shakespeare wrote poetry. Sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will have to pause and say: Here lived a great street sweeper who swept his job well.

....Martin Luther King Jr.

" He who is faithful over very little will be faithful over much; and he who is dishonest in very little things will be dishonest in much. ........Luke 16:10

I have live my life by these words, and I have found that if you cannot make it in America with focus, diligence, and hardwork, probably CAN'T make it anywhere! ( In my HUMBLE opinion ) .....I figure I have earned that.

Ted Gillis

All I really care about Carlos, is that my zip code is different from yours.

Carlos Ponce

Yes, Ted checked his Zip Code!

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