Those of us who saw the power go out during the winter storm in 2021, or who worried through rolling blackouts in the record-breaking heat of the summer, are all too aware that Texas has an energy problem.

The nature of the problem is fairly simple: There are more of us in Texas than there ever were before, and just about every one of us is using more electricity to power our lives.

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Carlos Ponce

Go nuclear.

Neither wind nor solar are as "clean" as promoted and make this country dependent on foreign countries. But they do have a strong lobby.[angry]

Susan Fennewald

Interesting things I never knew about the electrical supply. I'll have to think about this-which may be the highest praise for an editorial.

Bailey Jones

If Texas energy providers don't want to rely on wind and solar then they need to come up with 20,000MW of gas generation capacity to replace it. That's 10-20 power plants. You can't use wind and solar as excuses for not building new gas plants while simultaneously blaming wind and solar for not being as available as gas. That's simply duplicitous.

Texas needs more wind, and more solar, and more gas. Texas should get as much power as possible from wind and solar, and use gas to backfill. That's the only way to minimize our carbon emissions and simultaneously provide for our energy needs for the next couple of decades.

With regards to nuclear, my understanding is that Exelon, Luminant and NRG Energy have filed license applications with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to build at least five reactors in Victoria County, Glen Rose and Matagorda County, but these are now on hold due to concerns over the Fukushima nuclear disaster. New, safer, nuclear power plants are in the works, but none are operating commercially as far as I know.

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