November will feature one of the oddest elections in recent history and also one of the most important. That’s true all up and down the ballot and especially true way down the ballot where candidates for Galveston City Council positions will be listed.

It’s an odd election because those local races were supposed to have been settled in May or a few weeks later had runoffs been necessary.

All local elections are important. We argue they are more directly important than state and national elections because the things city councils, school boards and the like do or fail to do have more immediate and sometimes more profound consequences for residents.

Local elections are especially important in Galveston, where the entire city council must stand for election every two years. It’s an unusual and, arguably, deeply flawed system under which leadership, vision and direction can change in a day. That has happened pretty often.

For good or ill, that’s Galveston’s system and makes casting votes for city council extremely important.

This year, like all years, the core question facing Galveston voters is whether it’s time for change or a time to stay the course.

In the interest of attempting to help find that answer, The Daily News will partner with the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce to present live interviews with candidates running for Galveston mayor and city council.

The interviews will be streamed live on the chamber Facebook page and Sept. 8 and Sept. 9.

All candidates will be invited to participate.

The idea is a lightly moderated conversation during which candidates of each race — the mayor’s office and the six district council positions — answer questions posed by chamber President Gina M. Spagnola and Daily News Editor Michael A. Smith.

The plan is to spend about an hour with candidates of each race over the course of those two days.

So, the question today is what questions do you have for the candidates?

What would you like to know about their positions on city staffing, the budget, city infrastructure, ordinances, regulations, development and any other essential functions?

Daily News readers can submit questions to Michael A. Smith at Put the words “Candidate Question” in the subject line.

We’ll compile reader questions and ask as many of them as possible during the interviews.

The submission deadline is Friday.

• Daily News Editorial Board



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(4) comments

Connie Patterson

Regarding our Police Department

I want to know from each candidate whether or not they support our Police Department or do they support defunding it?

Curtiss Brown

I like to know more about the candidates, where they grew up; where they went to school; do they have a college degree; from where; what is their job (without the "I'm a businessman." dodge;) what is it that they do; have they previously been of service to the community; served on any city committees? Oh and ask them if Black Lives Matter.

George Laiacona

There seems to be plenty of money for the Mexican Wall but no money for the United States post Office?

Connie Patterson

Besides being terrible misinformed on facts the points you raise are on the FEDERAL level... this is for City Council candidates and generally does not fall on party lines.

Maybe you ought to sit this one out ?

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