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Charles Douglas

What Vaccine? I know we are not talking about a vaccine before 2021! I heard a thousand LEFT LEBERALS call Trump everything but a child of God for saying he could get a five year vaccine in 7- 8 months! They went up one side of him and down the other. Now they are mumbling trying to figure out how to take the credit away from Trump and give it to JOE 60%! ( Note that the 10% has gone to the BY-BY ). His price tag and asking price has flourished! .Come-on folks, all MANNN!

Craig Mason

I didn't get that from the article. I got out of it, that even though a vaccine has rolled out, we still need to be vigilant. But as long as your talking about Trump, he did say this would be over November 24th. On a positive note the general in charge of the vaccine roll out and logistics, has done an excellent job so far. I believe his name is General Perna. He has done an amazing job. He has executed his plan flawlessly.

Charles Douglas

Perna, or whoever, works for President Trump Mr. Mason. So it was Trump who Okayed the plan or the follow through of any plan! Thank you for giving him half credit anyway, that was a blessing to see. Oh and I was not specifically addressing this Op-ed. I tend to freelance and talk about issues in general, ..Bad habit of mine. However, I have accumulated a little seniority on this thing so I take a little liberty sometimes.

Bailey Jones

Worldwide response to the COVID pandemic has been nothing short of amazing. What normally takes up to 10 years has been reduced to less than one.

Vaccines work by introducing proteins from the coronavirus (the spiky parts) into the body, which then reacts by creating antibodies. Worldwide, a variety of approaches are either in phase 3 testing or are already being deployed. In Brazil, the UAE, and China, traditional inactivated virus vaccines are being used. The Oxford University / AstraZeneca vaccine is a viral vector vaccine - where the spiky proteins are created by inserting a gene into a harmless virus which is then injected into the body. This is also the type of vaccine that was developed in Russia, and Pakistan, and by Janssen Pharmaceutical and Johnson & Johnson. Novavax, in the UK, uses an approach where the proteins are extracted from the coronavirus itself and injected. The Moderna and BioNTech/Pfizer vaccines use messenger RNA which tells your own muscle cells to generate the proteins.

The messenger RNA technique which seems to be remarkably effective is the result of four decades of government-funded basic research conducted by Dr. Barney Graham and many others at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other federally funded academic laboratories. These scientists, academics, and grad students are the real heroes of this pandemic.

If we ever needed an example of why federal funding of basic research - the type that no for-profit corporation can afford to do - is absolutely critical to our economic well being, this is it.

I hope that the Biden administration will reverse the budget cuts that the National Institutes of Health and other basic research programs have suffered under the present administration. Basic scientific research is what ensures our place as the economic leader of the world.

Carlos Ponce

"What normally takes up to 10 years has been reduced to less than one." Bailey should thank President Trump for that.

"How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless constituent."

" budget cuts that the National Institutes of Health and other basic research programs have suffered under the present administration." - The budget cuts are due to the same reasons we got a vaccine in less than a year - reducing pork (aka BUREAUCRACY) in these agencies. What Bailey wants is to return the bureaucrats and the red tape that goes with them and next time it will take more than a year to get a vaccine. More bureaucrats = more wasted time.

Ted Gillis

You’re just spitting out an opinion Carlos. What red tape at the NIH are you referring too? I’m pretty familiar with building NIH funded facilities. The specifications are strict, but for a reason....not for red tape!

I’m quite comfortable with the vaccine being developed in an NIH facility, and not at the mini lab, in the strip mall, next to the cash advance shop.

Ted Gillis

So now the Trump administration (after taking all the credit for the vaccine development) is blaming the slow delivery on the individual states.

Well okay then, Greg and Miles what's your plan? We're ready.

Carlos Ponce

Ted, the promised vaccines have been delivered to the individual states. What happens from then on is up to the individual states. If you can't figure that out.....[rolleyes]

Ted Gillis

So it’s up to me to figure it out? Donald Trump and his guys are dusting their hands off now. Mission accomplished. We’re now supposed to figure it out from here. That sure was a great plan. Warp Speed.

Carlos Ponce

Govt 101: It is up to the STATES.

Ted Gillis

Big red state. Big red tape.

Carlos Ponce


New York State has been allocated 1,148,450 doses, 236,941 doses have been administered, covering 1.6% of the prioritized population.

"New York’s front-line health-care workers, including those who work in long-term health-care facilities, will be first in line to receive the vaccine. Residents of these facilities will also be prioritized.

Its second phase of vaccine administration will include first responders, school staff and other essential workers, as well as those living in congregate settings or who are at higher risk due to preexisting conditions.

The state’s third phase will include those over 65 years of age and those who are considered high risk."

Texas has been allocated 1,524,950 doses, 365,455 doses have been administered, covering 11.0% of the prioritized population..

"Texas will make its first doses available to hospital staff working directly with patients who are positive or at high risk for covid-19: physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, clinical staff, and those working and living in long-term care facilities. Emergency services staff and home health-care workers will also be prioritized.

Next, the state will offer the vaccine to medical staff in outpatient care who interact with symptomatic patients, including pharmacy staff and laboratory technicians. Texas will then prioritize people over the age of 65 years and those with at least one chronic medical condition." Source WAPO

Ted Gillis

A Texas Tribune article says that the state of Texas has only vaccinated 282,000 as of Thursday.

Carlos Ponce

Washington Post says 365,455 vaccinated in the State of Texas. DUELING LIBERAL PUBLICATIONS!

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