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We expected this to be somewhat of a dog fight. But we didn’t expect the dogs to still be howling three days after the election. Yet here we are.

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Today’s presidential election will likely play out as one of the most consequential in most Daily News readers’ memories. No matter who you choose at the top of the ballot, our nation will move in a historically significant direction.

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Texas City resident Patricia Washington had the right response to an intimidating robocall meant to keep her from voting — she got mad and resolved to exercise her sacrosanct right and duty as a U.S. citizen to cast a ballot.

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Galveston County Judge Mark Henry last week signed off on an executive order requiring poll workers to allow residents to vote without wearing masks. Any poll worker who tries to stop a bare-faced voter from casting a ballot risks a $1,000 fine, according to Henry’s order.

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President Trump’s tweet Monday — “Don’t be afraid of Covid” — has invited more criticism that he’s again downplaying the virus. Trump doesn’t do nuance, and he and his team have often acted recklessly, most prominently at the Rose Garden ceremony announcing Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination.