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If Texas leaders at any level are interested in taking on what might actually be an existential threat to the state’s economic and social health, they should tune into and consider ways to counter the great damage COVID-19 wrought among grade-school students.

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Many of us tend to think of the Fourth of July as a day to celebrate patriotism, which it is, in a way. But it’s good to remember the actual holiday is Independence Day, and it celebrates a revolutionary act of defiance and protest against established state power.

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If Texas leaders are champions of property rights and business freedoms, as they’ve often contended they are, they should stop interfering with cruise lines’ attempts to sail again from Galveston.

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Immortalized by a battle, the Alamo is destined to always be a site of contention. Sitting on the eastern edge of downtown San Antonio, the 18th-century limestone mission is one of the most distinctive and instantly recognizable structures in the world, yet it remains a blank slate onto whic…

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In what should have been — and was for many — a celebratory moment in the history of the pandemic, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week announced people vaccinated against COVID-19 could go without face masks in most situations.