Should the Galveston County Commissioners Court be granted expanded power to enact ordinances regulating things such as flood control, nuisance abatement, transportation and public safety in unincorporated areas, in much the same way cities do within their limits?

The court intends to lobby for that power during the legislature’s regular session, which begins Tuesday and runs through May, according to the county’s list of priorities.

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Bailey Jones

“As opposed to the state having to take multiple rifle-shot approaches at overriding local regulations, I think a broad-based law by the state of Texas that says, across the board, the state is going to preempt local regulations, is a superior approach,” Abbott said.

Sounds like the governor is looking to usurp the rights of locals, once again. All hail Governor Abbott!

Michael Woodson

Following Abbot's logic, shouldn't the federal government abolish the rights of the states?

Bailey Jones

State rights are spelled out in the US constitution. Local rights are up to the whim of the state legislature and/or governor, depending on what's in each state constitution. But yes, the irony of an executive branch that is constantly suing the feds for overreach while simultaneously overruling any local ordinance it doesn't like is pretty glaring.

Carlos Ponce

"State rights are spelled out in the US constitution." Actually, Federal rights and duties are spelled out in the Constitution. What isn't there belongs to the states or the people as we saw in the Dobbs decision. But not being in the Constitution never stopped Liberals.[rolleyes]

Ted Gillis

These landowners in “unincorporated” Santa Fe who oppose this 300 unit subdivision had a chance to become part of “incorporated” Santa Fe but where opposed to it and convinced several city council members to vote against the city’s annexation plans. Now I find it rich that they want the protections afforded by a local jurisdiction (a city), that they were angrily opposed to in the first place.

I just formed an single member Santa Fe-based think tank, and we think that you can just “go pound sand”.

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