College of the Mainland in Texas City has proposed a $250 million construction bond issue that comes to a vote of the people on May 6. The proposal will require a tax increase, and already some public opposition has emerged.

The Daily News recommends voters approve the bond issue.

Dolph Tillotson is chairman of Southern Newspapers and a member of The Daily News editorial board.


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David Smith

They just completed the last bond issue .. and here they are back at the trough.. asking for more ..

The GDN .. weather they are uneducated or just dont know .. .. has said that the average house in Galveston county is 345 k.. this has nothing to do with it..

Not all of the county pays COM taxes .. including the largest city... LEAGUE CITY.

. While they use COM Facilities for free but doesnt support them with tax Money

Has been a sticking point for many of their bond elections..

It important that you get out and VOTE.

EVERY vote counts . ONE year the COM bond election was defeated by just

SEVEN votes.. and I know for a fact who one of them was because I took her down there just before closing time .. your VOTE MATTERS

Less than 10 % of eligable voters will DECIDE THIS ELECTION


Rusty Schroeder

League City needs to pay COM taxes. My Vote is NO.

Andy Aycoth

They do pay in the form of out of district tuition.

Gary Scoggin

League City students pay out of district tuition rates for COM. The college makes money on them. (17)

Rusty Schroeder

Only students, tax the community as the rest of the mainland. (11)

Carol Dean

That seems like an oxymoran to me, as the COM has a campus in League City!?!

Rusty Schroeder

Exclamations sandwiching a question mark, please explain.

Rusty Schroeder

Is the League City campus still open ? If it is, then the COM Board lied to the taxpayer as it was supposed to close with the last bond renovations.

Olivia Noordhoek

With the title "Daily News supports COM bond issue" I have to wonder, was each employee of the Daily News polled to see if they supported the bond issue? To say "Daily News supports" means Mr Tillotson is speaking on behalf of all employees and stakeholders at The Daily News. I wonder how the employees feel about being represented with such a blanket statement.

Carol Dean

Being the liberal paper that they are, The GCDN employ6ees probably support the liberal COM.

Raymond Lewis

Perhaps "my opinion" could/should have been inserted in there somewhere. Or not.

Carol Dean

What was previously a Methodist church on 528 in League City, appears to now be housing an "Off Shoot" campus for the COM. Check it out; especially the large building attached to the parking lot behind the main building.

Ivan Langford

I wholeheartedly support the proposed College of the Mainland bond referendum. We are blessed to have a community college on the mainland that provides amazing opportunities for the young and not so young to increase their knowledge and skill sets, opening doors for better employment opportunities. Modern facilities are a key to not only attracting the best facility but the latest technology necessary in very walk of life.

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