Before League City advances any more in the direction of growing its library system, it should shelve — way up high — any more talk about spending $105 million on a central facility.

As important as libraries are, that’s a breathtaking amount of money for any public facility, but particularly in a conservative city still grappling with how to pay for flood prevention measures after Hurricane Harvey.

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Ron Shelby

How much have various sport complexes cost League City? Where are the city's long range priorities?

Chuck DiFalco

The non-school League City sports facilities over the last 25 years or so have been paid for by a quarter cent sales tax, a.k.a. "4B". So they cost whatever they cost within the limits of that revenue stream. This tax was approved by the citizens of LC in a free and fair election. I just went to a public meeting of the 4B Corporation (actually, a government entity). There's no shortage of wants for more youth facilities. The people have clearly stated their long range priorities, like it or not.

Chuck DiFalco

"The price tag is the very definition of a nonstarter." Agree 100% $105 million is more than either the drainage projects or the road projects just approved by the voters in May. That library price tag is about $1000 for every resident in League City. Most of my neighbors would agree that library facilities are wants, not needs. So modest ambitions are in order here. Perhaps after high visibility drainage and road projects are completed is a better time.

Michelle Aycoth

I agree Chuck !

Andy Aycoth

Ray Taft

The Galveston County Library System is an organization of independent public libraries joined together voluntarily to provide quality library services to all residents of Galveston County.

Helen Hall library is one of those libraries. You do not have to be a resident of League City to use the library. And many people living outside of League City use Helen Hall library. That includes people who live in unincorporated areas of Galveston County because unincorporated areas do not have their own libraries.

What about Galveston County helping with financing Leaque City’s new library?

Chuck DiFalco

Does Galveston County help right now with the operational costs of the Helen Hall library? If so, that could ease the concern of LC taxpayers.

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