Traffic signs obscured by trees or other foliage are accidents waiting to happen and the city of Galveston should make a concerted island-wide effort to fix the problem through a campaign.

Although trees and vegetation are important to the island, it’s impossible to keep roads safe without a good maintenance program and an organized effort to identify hazards to make conditions safer.

 Laura Elder: 409-683-5248;

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Michael Jozwiak

I moved to the island in 2013 and this has been a constant problem. It's always "discussed" and "complained about," but never solved. The City should get proactive and do the notices, do the trimming, and do the fines. Narrow-minded homeowners always believe it's the City's job, or "I pay taxes to have this done by the City." However, they do not feel they share the responsibility to make cross streets safe, or somebody's Lexus or giant pickup might just end up in their living room.

Mary Gillespie

Chances are 90% or more of traffic signs are located in the city's right-of-way.

The city should just remove the foliage and not wait for homeowners. Homeowners don't REALLY own property in a right-of-way: they can't build anything there or do anything with it.

Really, if the city is going to take homeowners' property for the purpose of placing signs, shouldn't the city maintain the property they took?

City Manager

Important to note is what a right of way is. The city does not own most of what you reference. The city has a "right of way" for access but we do not own it in fee. The same goes for most alleys, the curb and gutter lines and the like. The city allows property owners to landscape their property for the betterment of the city and this included right of way. This landscape should not impede the use of the right of way or restrict the city's access to its utilities.

The city can and will remove it impediments, but by state law we must follow their guidelines for work on private property, and that requires notice.

Hope this helps explain it.

Mary Gillespie

If the homeowner can't do what he wants with his property, does he really own it?????

Legally, you may be correct about who owns the right of way.

But I reapeat: if you can't do what you want with it, it's not your property.

Bailey Jones

"If the homeowner can't do what he wants with his property, does he really own it?????" Do you own your car? Can you drive it anyway you want? Do you own a business? Can you operate it anyway you want? We're a nation of neighbors and laws. There is no absolute right to do anything, all rights come with responsibilities.

Don Schlessinger

Total silliness, I take care of my property from the curb in front to the alley when it comes to foliage or trash. It falls under the title "personal responsibility" in my opinion. If your property looks bad take care of it. I'm sure that's too simple for some people, but it works for me.

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