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Carlos Ponce

Yesterday in Runge Park Congressman Randy Weber gave a stirring speech honoring the veterans of this country. He honored one in particular, Joe Luna who was serving in the United States Navy when his ship was torpedoed by the Japanese during World War II. He was rescued by the Australians. Also present at the ceremony were local dignitaries including Sheriff Henry Trochessett, County Commissioner Joe Guisti, Constable Jimmy Fullen, Mayor Jason Tabor among others. The celebration came after a parade honoring Veterans in Santa Fe, Texas. Also at Runge Park at the Santa Fe Heritage Festival was a display of US military uniforms some dating back to WWI presented by the Santa Fe Area Historical Foundation.

Charles Douglas

We owe our military and veterans more than most folks realize or think about! I often sit alone quietly, and remember those who made the intimate sacrifice for this country. How blessed are those of us who served and survived to come back to do things with our lives, and families, those who perished serving with us will never do. I try not to ever take life for granite because of those memorials in DC! I know people whose names are on that BEAUTIFUL VIETNAM WALL in Washington DC. I thank the LORD, & a praying, crying mother, I was able to come home!

Paul Hyatt

We do owe the veterans because some gave all, and all gave some to fight for and protect our freedoms.

Don Schlessinger

Had a great conversation with my 102 yr. old dad today. He served in the USAAF during WW II. Dad immigrated from Germany at the age of 7 with his parents in 1925 and went to war against Germany 16 years later. He was happy to serve. Isn't life crazy.

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] Get all those stories while you can!

Charles Douglas

Mr. Schlessinger,...I don't know how crazy it was but I do know It was VERY PATRIOTIC!!! Many thanks to your father!

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