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Susan Fennewald

Michael Smith seems to be advocating two contradictory views - on the one hand he wants the state to extend time and help for those flooded, and on the other he says that the only way to fix the situation in the long run is NOT to extend help to those flooded.

That's the problem. We can never bring ourselves to saying - don't help these people who should have known better and been insured.

Don Schlessinger


Robert Braeking

The writer perhaps was not aware that flood insurance was not available to most of the flood victims prior to Harvey. The government maps did not include most areas.

Bailey Jones

You can only purchase flood insurance if you're in an official flood plain? That doesn't sound right.

Randy Chapman

You can buy flood insurance if you live on top of a mountain. Of course, it will be cheaper than here. Flood insurance is available to all living here.

Bill Cochrane

I think flood insurance is available to everyone. It is only "required" if you have a mortgage.

Randy Chapman

Way too much money was wasted on Ike, and is being done so for Harvey on homes that had no damage from the storm, but are being replaced due to "deferred maintenance"....the owners let them decay for years and now want new homes at taxpayer expense. A total scam.

Gary Miller

Randy> The interior and exterior of a home across the street from my son had no obvious damage but both were totally redone?There was no flooding involved but deferred maintenance was long standing.The owners dad is a real estate lawyer? How much of the $330 million will end up in bureaucrats accounts?

Wayne D Holt

The National Flood Insurance Program, when considering risk of flood damage here vis a vis the premium asked, seems to me to be not too far off the mark. Compared to the grotesquerie known as TWIA, the flood program is the gold standard of efficiency and value. I think TWIA should adopt a blue tarp as their agency flag, appropriate for what you'll likely wind up with after the lawyers and leeches are done feasting.

Ron Shelby

What a foolish assertion! The reason residents live without flood insurance is because they can't afford it. Bottom line. What intelligent person would want to rely on the federal government (outside of the flood insurance program) given the long waits, paperwork and red-tape that they've experienced during both Harvey and Ike before anything even partially gets started?

Michelle Aycoth

So if someone’s house burns down and they did not have insurance show we the tax payers build them a new one ?

Why would anybody buy insurance if government and tax payers going to bail them out ?

Andy Aycoth

Bailey Jones

A better analogy would be if a wildfire swept across the county and burned down 100's of houses, and everyone had homeowners insurance but it doesn't cover wildfires.

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