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David Schuler

It's hard not to feel sorry for the poor little darlings who have to get up so early. But not impossible.

Diane Turski

I agree they should start schools at the later times, especially the high schools! Adolescents need all the help they can get from adults, especially those who are charged with making decisions that are supposed to be in the best interests of the children.

David Schuler

Indeed! How about telling your adolescent to "Go to Bed!" and make it stick. That option was never mentioned anywhere herein. Have today's parents simply given up on that simple requirement?

Bailey Jones

It's biology, not parents. Teenager sleep habits are just the way their brains and bodies function. You can either go with biology or fight against it.

Dan Freeman

Ok, Boomer.

Ron Shelby

Do they coordinate busing so that buses are utilized/shared by elementary, middle and high schools? How will that impact other grade start times? Will they be buying a bunch more buses to implement? If so, how much will that cost?

Jose' Boix

Somehow missing in this discussion is the effect of "social media" and the continuous use of cell phones even when these students are in bed. Then add the effect of the Day Light Savings (DST) changes; such archaic change should be eliminated and that should help lessen the effects to the Circadian rhythms. Finally, we make lost of "educationally targeted" changes and we don't seem to report effectiveness. Just my thoughts.

Robert Braeking

When I was in High School there were two schools sharing the same building. My classes started at 0600 and ended at noon. The other school started at noon and went to 1800. Lunch was after school. I got a lot done after school.

Carlos Ponce

Meanwhile back at the farm... teens would get up before dawn and do their chores - milk the cow, gather the eggs, etc.. I wasn't surprised to learn that a girl who was a twirler in my high school had the chore of milking the cow before getting on the school bus. They didn't stay up all night with social media or electronic gaming. If there was a phone in the house there was usually only one for use by the entire family. The reason for early starts was to allow time for extra-curricular after school practice.

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