It’s nice to think that something as simple as lowering the speed limit by a few miles an hour along a hazardous stretch of road would keep people from killing themselves and others. Chances are it wouldn’t, though, as some local officials recently acknowledged.

That’s true everywhere, but became a matter of public discussion this week after a wreck that killed two people on FM 2004 south of Hitchcock.

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Stephen Murphy

"That road, and every other in this world, would be measurably safer tomorrow if people would just slow down, pay attention and exercise patience."

Unfortunately, Mr. Smith, I doubt people are going to change. The mental state some people are in when they get behind the wheel borders on lunacy. You can straighten all the roads you want and you can lower the speed limits, but you can't stop crazy drivers.

Carlos Ponce

The speed limit on FM 2004 can be decreased but it won't change a thing. Hitchcock even put an unmanned old police car on FM 2004 which had initial impact but not lasting. Hitchcock is cash strapped and adding more cars, officers on patrol is expensive. HPD's problem was created when the City of Hitchcock strip annexed FM 2004 out to the Brazoria County line. I've never seen a DPS vehicle on the Hitchcock part of FM 2004, and occasionally a GSO vehicle. I say fix the road by widening and straightening "Dead Man's Curve". In the meantime ask GSO and DPS to help patrol speed. Hitchcock does not want to be known as a speed trap. They can always de-annex.

The young man who sat behind me on the Hitchcock Band bus told us his dad works at one of the Chocolate Bayou plants and sees accidents on FM 2004 frequently.

Randy Chapman

You are correct. What I find so funny is the same aggressive drivers would never, ever think of disrespecting you in person for fear there would be repercussions, but give them a two-ton vehicle and they become tough guys and gals.

Harvey Mueller

Exactly Randy. It's the ME first syndrome. Bully your way thru a 4 way stop out of turn. Weave in and out of traffic to get 1 car length ahead. But be sure to tout the virtues of slow traffic keep right which is only a coverup for yall get over and out of MY way. Glad you included ...and gals as young girls are some pretty aggressive drivers on their own. All of this comes to a head when you have narrow roads, no shoulders, tight schedules and no patience or respect for the other drivers. Speed limits along there aren't followed now so it's doubtful lower limits would be followed. .

Jose' Boix

A number of us from the Texas City/La Marque area worked for years at the Chocolate Bayou plants (Monsanto/Solutia/Ascend, Amoco/BP/Ineos, Conoco/Cain, etc. We all have traveled FM 2004 ever since it was built. The "S" curve at Tacquard Ranch has been known to be treacherous, but it has remained as such though prone to accidents. The oddity to me is that it seems to me that most of the traffic around that area is made up of folks who are frequent drivers, and know - or should know - the dangerous "S" curve. The fix would be as many suggested to re-design FM 2004 to take out that "S" curve; perhaps widen the stretch of road. Seems that any other "indirect" measures (speed limits, warning lights) will not be effective.

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