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mark jones

What is it with the city? These are fundamentals.

Don Schlessinger

Laura Elder was so right! The thing is, our island government entities are obscenely well-acquainted with the obstacles impeding beach access on the West End -- as is anyone else who has lived on the Island for a while. That it took an effort to raise Seawall parking fees to bring this issue to the forefront is a SHAME on the City of Galveston. Literally adding insult to injury is that taxpayers instead of the actual West End homeowners and HOAs are being required to foot the cost of remediation. This is truly unconscionable!

Wayne D Holt

It begins to appear there's a pattern of neglecting laws the City is duty-bound to enforce. Why is it the City of Galveston requires state supervision of beach access and resort to legal sleight-of-hand to keep public streets fenced off during paid events? Our municipal legal department surely has access to the same law books everyone else does.

Why must we have to pummel local government into compliance with the law?

Bill Broussard

Texas Irony: Galveston County and our city fussed and hollard when Greg Abbott passed laws ( albeit dumb laws) that govern cities saying Texas municipalities have and can govern themselves and we turn right around and prove Abbott right!

Galveston has always acted in accordance with the myth “ we always feed the alligator so that the alligator doesn’t eat us” Chomp!

Remember the boast: “ Even the Texas Rangers can’t shut us down” from the 1950’s gambling interests?

Bill Cochrane

in most cases, the state can dictate over the cities. As in this case, it's called quid pro quo. Gee, that sounds familiar?

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