Tropical Storm Imelda Galveston flooding

A car creates a wake on Market Street in Galveston on Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019. Tropical Storm Imelda caused a second bout of heavy rain for the island.

Elected officials all over this part of the world have been talking more or less nonstop about improving drainage since August 2017, when Hurricane Harvey flooded the mainland with 50 inches or so of rain. Meanwhile, street flooding had been a burning issue in Galveston for much longer.

And street flooding has been much on the minds of rank-and-file residents all over the county for the past couple of days as people tried to figure out how to get where they needed to be, and in some cases, whether they could get there by any means.

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(4) comments

David Smith

Get a ticket ?


That will happen about the same time .. they will write a ticket for driving while INTEXTICATED..

Or littering.....

Bailey Jones

People are stupid and inconsiderate. Just a fact. Facebook today is full of videos of these morons.

Wayne D Holt

Most of the water coming into buildings all along Postoffice are wakes from cigarette boats disguised as pickup trucks. During Harvey, residents barricaded the turn onto our street unilaterally; better to risk a ticket than pay a $10,000-$25,000 deductible on your flood claim.

If the City doesn't want flood vigilantes, they should figure out a way to make examples of the sub-morons who think Splash Day was named for street flooding drive-throughs.

Bailey Jones

I noticed quite a few barricades on streets coming off of Broadway - but nothing to stop the idiots on Broadway.

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