Astonishment. Grief. Outrage.

Those were some of the reactions to news Saturday the driver of an SUV investigators allege struck a Jeep, killing a 14-year-old Ball High School student Friday evening, had been released from prison just hours earlier after serving time for a third drunk-driving conviction.

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Laura Addison

Had Brazier served at least 1/3 of his 3-year sentence, a 14-year-old boy would be alive today, two other teens would not be hospitalized and fighting for their lives, and many Ball High students would not be mourning today. But that didn't happen. Brazier served less than a year. This tragedy was senseless and avoidable if not for revolving door criminal justice and so-called bail reform. This failed social experiment and soft on crime policies have made our streets unsafe for everyone.

Jose' Boix

To me a key word in the quote "Repeat drunk-driving offenders are a very real, very deadly problem, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration." is REPEAT. That means that possibly and sadly there could have been already one causal incident. Can we afford even one? It is great to discuss and proposed approaches to solutions, though the problem is a difficult one. Just my thoughts.

George Croix

Even in a baseball game you only get three strikes, then, you’re out….

DWI is not a game…vehicular homicide is not a game….

You CANNOT rehab/help someone who refuses to do so….it’s insanity to keep trying to make failure work by repeating it…insanely deadly….

Intoxicated equals impaired and it’s not just a drinking problem…it’s whatever a person repeatedly impairs their judgement and reflexes and driving ability with…

We don’t need more ‘conversation’….we need constructive action…

Odds are we won’t get the action….too many voters to PO….

Dan Freeman

First offense one month license suspension, second offense jail time and one year suspension, third offense is a felony with two years and lifetime suspension

Jim Forsythe

If you understand about an alcoholics, you also understand that nothing is going to stop them, if they want to drink.

We are not going to change the number of people that die from drunk drivers in the future, unless we change how we as a society handles people with these types of problems. You can revoke their drivers

license, but that will stop them from driving.

One revealing stat, the average drunk driver operates a motor vehicle 80 times while drunk before being arrested or involved in an accident. Unless we change this, we will see many more people die, because a drunk drove.

Brazier is charged with murder in connection with the crash. His bond was set at $500,000. If convicted, he faces 25 years to life in prison.


Lisa Tucker

There have already been TWO DWI task force efforts in Galveston this summer. One in conjunction with GPD and TXDOT "Faces of Drunk Driving" campaign that kicked off at Pleasure Pier and ran from June 24 to July 10th. Yielded 27 total DWIs over the 17 day period that included July 4th which only yielded 2 DWIs (7/1-7/4). Hardly a gangbuster considering Galveston wrote 421 DWIs in a year or 22 p/mo/avg. This latest August task force just proves what can be done when 25 DWIs are issued in just 3 days because GPD got the resources and directives from city officials. I applaud their efforts and 100% Back the Blue but the numbers/data don't lie and it is a shame that the recent tragedies had to "light a fire" that should have been all summer long IMO.

Charles Wiley

How about a Traffic enforcement task force using unmarked police cars? The data exists. Assign officers in unmarked cars to areas with a high concentration of accidents and at peak times when traffic volume is heavy and drunks are most likely to drive (midnight to 3am?). Most of us see and experience road rage every day. It occurs most often at peak traffic and on main roadways (mornings on Seawall Blvd are always fun).

George Croix

I'm probably dating myself even worse but some years ago there were Police on the highways in vehicles seized from druggies that were totally unlike the usual 'black-and-whites'....

Camaros, Mustangs, and if memory serves, even a 'Vette....

Haven't see one in quite a while - at least, not their hidden grill lights flashing in my rearview....

Bill Cochrane

Some of these suggestions might seem far-fetched, but everything else for the past - well, forever, has not worked very well.

Almost everything noted is after the fact. 1st offense, 2nd, etc.

1. Make any charge of DUI a federal offense. Local police still have authority but the Feds take over after an arrest. The fines will be shared with the arresting agency. The local police aren't bogged down with paperwork, court, etc. Why do I think this will work? Even though door deliveries by Amazon, UPS and other delivery services are experiencing serious thefts by "porch pirates" there is not much mailbox theft because it's a federal crime.

2. Automotive industry should be required to develop a steering wheel with sensors that would detect alcohol and drugs from the fingers of the driver. Gloves would require removal.

3. Money talks. Offer a reward to anyone that reports a suspected impaired driver that is arrested. The fine for false reports is large enough to keep it honest.

4. The "Police task force" could take it further by staking out establishments suspected/reported of overserving. Observe suspects leaving and arrest if driving while impaired. Even some impaired people might think twice about driving after leaving a bar if they know law enforcement might be waiting outside AND it's a federal offense.

George Croix

Not so far fetched.

For #3, make sure to REQUIRE a real name, not one of the anonymous coward acts, and a call back number, and a call back, to at least verify that person did call from that number.that phone. Since most will be cells, then most can be tracked...

Not perfect, but better than an honor system, for folks with none of that....

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