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David Smith

Ive been hunting for 60 years. Coyotes kill to eat

. They also killl for pleasure. I shoot every one I see.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Smith is halarious...lolo.Ahhhh-haaaha...I like his posts!!!!

Paula Flinn

Thank you, Angela, for writing a column on the coyote problem. You are telling us that there is no easy solution to eliminating the coyotes in the city, and that city life on Galveston Island requires us to accept living with wild coyotes. You neglected to mention that they are a protected species because their DNA contains rare Red Wolf DNA, so killing them may be against the law.

These coyotes are living in cemeteries, behind Randall’s, in the Denver area among expensive houses, on golf courses, near Galveston College, and really anywhere they can hunt and breed. There are packs both on the East End and the West End of the Island. Now they are also Mid-Town.

Development on the island has brought them into the city, and development will continue, so the city expects us to deal with it.

Those of us who feed some kitties on our porches in the mornings and evenings are the ones that should adjust to living with the threat of coyotes tearing them apart in front of our eyes. We have a leash law against loose, roaming dogs, but nothing against living alongside of loose, roaming, wild coyotes.

I think these packs of coyotes will just keep hunting and breeding and will become a huge menace in the future, on our Island.

I think these coyotes should be safely trapped and relocated to places on the mainland far away from cities where they can hunt and breed without being a threat or menace to domestic animals. Being on an island, surrounded by water, means they cannot leave Galveston Island by themselves, so trapping and relocating them would be ideal.

When we lived in the mountains of New Mexico, 1974 to 1990, we successfully lived with coyotes on the next hill over. We could hear the little ones yipping at sundown. Even the little kittens on our deck recognized that predatory sound and came scooting into the house for the night. We had acres and acres of undeveloped land for the coyotes to roam. We heard them, but we never saw them. That is not the case here on our small island.

We are not talking about a couple of packs of coyotes here. There are at least 7 packs that have been identified here. There may be more. There are no natural predators to kill the coyotes, so they just keep hunting and breeding. Pretty soon we will be overrun with coyotes if the problem isn’t taken care of. Already a few have been killed by vehicles.

We need the City of Galveston, Animal Control, to step up and remove the coyotes to a safer environment and off Galveston Island. Coyotes are not domestic animals, they are wild, and they are running our streets getting hit by vehicles, and killing the neighborhood kitties and small dogs, some in their own fenced-in yards. Tolerating coyotes in the city is just ludicrous. No one will choose to move here knowing there is a great number of roaming coyotes. I sure wouldn’t move here if I knew there were coyotes roaming in the city.

BTW, I grew up here in the 40’s and 50’s, and never knew there were coyotes on the island because they lived where there was little West End development. There was no talk of coyotes when we moved back in 1992. This is a more recent problem.

Nobody said it would be easy to trap and relocate packs of coyotes, but the alternatives are not good.

angelawilson Staff
Angela Wilson

Thanks for the comments Ms. Flinn. We're aware of the endangered aspect, but this was more of a reminder that due to the development of more neighborhoods/businesses it's taking the coyotes out of "their" habitat. They've been here... it's just now they're trying to find somewhere to go.

Ted Gillis

Yes, go ahead and trap them and transport them to the unincorporated parts of the county.

We people who pay our city taxes, do so for a reason. Those that don’t can live with the coyotes!

James C.

Ms. Wilson, I do not like wild animals terrorizing Galveston. And, with all due respect, I don't have to accept it.

And my apologies if this sounds harsh but I'm a little tired of people telling me what I have to think, say, and accept these days.

Charles Douglas

Jim C. > My mannnnn! What I'm talking "bout!"

Better put some abortion clinics out there for those 4 legged trouble makers!!!!

Jarvis Buckley

Jim C. Get use to it friend. Socialism is coming

Into our Country fast. Unfortunately.

David Smith

Bring em out here tim

. I got something for them

Charles Douglas

Mr. Smith> Ahhhhahahah .....I love it!!!!

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