Galveston Housing Authority is making a tough but financially sound decision as it seeks to replace 569 units lost to Hurricane Ike by razing a property it owns and rebuilding housing on the land. But there’s also an opportunity for the authority to create a compassionate solution that aligns with its mission.

The authority’s board Monday began discussing a plan to demolish the Island Community Center, 4700 Broadway, to make way for public housing needed to satisfy a federal mandate. Under the tentative plan, the housing authority, which owns the community center, would build a mixed-income housing development on the land, officials said.

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Michael Jozwiak

Using that location, 4700 Broadway is a good place for the housing. It will be adjacent to major transportation and bus lines. The organizations currently in the building should be able to find suitable locations. There are many vacant storefronts along Broadway available, and that would help those local owners getting a stable tenant(s).

Patrice Tyler

Interesting, if the city of Galveston would have taken care of business, and rendered aid to the housing community, they would not be in such a bind today- as it stands-almost 12 years later! The idea of a housing resident moving in, up, and out should be the housing authority's mission statement as people tend to move in, but loose site of the onward, and upward path. Families remain on housing- generation after generation- which is absolutely ridiculous!! This needs to STOP! Public housing was not meant for people to remain there a lifetime! Temporary assistance for a short time while one carries out a plan to move on. I hope the housing authority will stay focused on implementing programs that provide assistance as well as opportunities for those less privileged; as we all may find ourselves in need of a helping hand throughout the course of life.

Jarvis Buckley

I wish it would be the goal of the residents to move in , up & then out, as you say but history has shown that’s the case in a small minority

Of the affordable housing residents. Sadly the need on the island for cheap labor I increasingly will require the need for more affordable Housing. Years from now Galveston

Downtown will be lofts, historic homes & affordable housing.

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