Pelican Island Bridge

The Texas A&M University at Galveston Research Vessel Trident passes under the Pelican Island Bridge on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.

Leaders in Galveston County have worked too hard and come too far to walk away from efforts to strike a deal to build a new Pelican Island Bridge. Although some frustration and exasperation might be understandable, none of us can afford to let the project die now.

There’s too much at stake and no room for politics on any side.

 Laura Elder: 409-683-5248;


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Charlotte O'rourke

Dream Again by Patience Strong

When your dreams have failed you -

Dream again...

When you think you're beaten -

Dream again...

Failure cannot break your heart -

Life's a game, so play your part -

Dare to make another start.

Dream again...

Next time you'll be stronger - wiser too -

Think of all the things you meant to do -

Keep the glory of the goal in view -

and dream again...

Do not heed the world, its taunts and jeers -

Lift your eyes and face the coming years -

All great things are bought with human tears -

So dream again.

Jack Cross

This is no place for dreamers, this is a time for leadership. Galveston has more than any other group at stake. and while the bridge is being considered, they should push to get the state to force Houston Port to do something or sell the land back to Galveston that they own on Pelican Island. Houston buys up this land to keep down competition. They tried the same thing when Texas City was going to develop Shoal Point.

Charlotte O'rourke

Jack, you have to have the vision or dream to lead.

Our county commissioners have both qualities - leadership and vision - they just seem frustrated with the stall and need to try again.

George Laiacona

As long as the Republicans continue to block the infrastructure proposal now in the works in Washington the federal funds for bridges and highways will only be the dream. We already know that the Republicans surely don’t want the Democrats to look good in the eyes of the voters. Until the disgruntled Republicans step back and let progress take place our bridge work will have to wait for the idea of legitimate bipartisan action to take place.

Carlos Ponce

It is not an infrastructure bill, George Laiacona. Very little infrastructure in it. It is AOC's New Green Deal relabeled.

George Croix

Nearly anything can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit…

Gary Miller

A minority want someone else to pay to replace a declining bridge. I suspect if the state closed the bridge there would be money available to replace it. The minority that use or need the bridge would find the money needed. The City would fast track a bond issue to fund replacement.

George Laiacona

Carlos and his Fox News propaganda

Carlos Ponce

George Laiacona, you don't have to look or listen to FOX to draw the conclusion the bill is not a good one. But you do have to have intelligence.

Ted Gillis

The same minority that got the federal government (and taxpayers) to pay for the Texas City Flood Control and Levee System Gary.

Jack Cross

Ted if the people who got the Texas City Levee, the Pump stations and flood control causing our streets to stay dry even during the flooding disaster are called a minority or what every you want to call them, we need more of them. Many million of dollars have been saved and if other cities had similar success your insurance rates would be much lower.

George Croix

The Texas City Levee and Flood Control System has nothing to do with protecting the City of Texas City except by the coincidence of geography.

There are nationally strategic refineries and chemical plants located on Texas City city limits land.

That project is all ALL about protecting those refining and chemical complexes, and thus avoiding storm surge caused disruption to ALL of the nation's supplies. Those complexes l were all pretty well made a mess of by Hurricane Carla in '61. In '62 the project started, and finished some 20 years later.

Had those refineries and chem plants been built up the road a few miles, it would be the San Leon Levee....

Ted Gillis

Don’t fuss at me Jack I was only repeating the word that Gary Miller used about funding the bridge. I wasn’t trying to make a social issue about it. And I think (but please don’t make me delve too far into Gary’s thought processes) I think he was stating that a minority (a small amount) of people want the bridge built, but are trying to convince a majority of people to pay for it.

No social or racial meaning in either our comments.

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