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Jeff Patterson

So here we go again…more hand waving and vague generalities about things that somewhere someone in the Netherlands did and what appears to be an opinion about whether a gate at San Luis Pass is needed. I would have expected more from someone who has exhaustively studied this for many years. I for one believe we have reached a point in this effort where we need more from the “experts”....and I include the Army Corps of Engineers in this.... then opinions of what they like and don’t like or vague concepts drawn on large scale maps. We need innovative solutions backed by peer reviewed data, and we need those presented in a way that the general public, key community stakeholders, and our elected leaders can start to get their heads around them to understand if they make sense or not, and if they can support them or not. I’ve always adhered to the philosophy that you’re either part of the problem, or you’re part of the solution, and it’s disappointing to see that our so-called experts appear to still be part of the problem. Them continuing to throw out generalities and opinions only creates more confusion and dissension in the community, and doesn’t get us any closer to decisions on what is a critical issue for not only Galveston, but the entire Houston/Galveston Bay Area. Time to put up, or shut up…or as I think this generation would say, go big, or go home.

Steve Fouga

"The Daily News asked what alternatives there might be to that clearly undesirable structure."

I wonder who at the Daily News has the engineering expertise to make such a statement. To me, it comes across as straight-up bias. Forgivable since it was delivered in an editorial, but still just an opinion.

So, I guess we can add the Daily News to the list of entities who, by eschewing a ring levee as "clearly undesirable," are dismissing a system that would have protected Galveston against both Ike and Harvey.

It's possible to pick apart ANY proposal for coastal surge protection, because there are more variables, both independent and dependent, than we can control, or even understand: environmental, political, economic, technical, legal... It's hard to solve for all the variables at once. in any case, personal opinion shouldn't have much to do with it.

Jeff Patterson

I couldn’t agree more! We need thoughtfully considered and technically supported options at this point, not more opinion and hyperbole, particularly from the experts.

Bill Broussard

When you think about it only a little bit, you come up with odd things like or City Manager has said publicly on several occasions that with sea level rise pumps are the eventual solution and the city is trying to hold them off a long as they can. But eventually we’ll need em

Merrill says we don’t need the north because it will require pumps and those are unreliable

So since we need em sooner or later I would think it really depends-ultimately- who gets to pay for them

The entire west end structural contrivance is going to push both construction and maintenance cost through the roof

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