Although it’s true illegal crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border are up substantially compared to the past 15 or so years, especially into Texas, there’s less evidence that fact constitutes the urgent crisis many Republican leaders are trying to sell ahead of the midterm elections.

It’s not the crisis part that’s most dubious. Illegal immigration has been at least a serious problem for decades. If you want to call it a crisis, fair enough.

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Stuart Crouch

Well versed and wise words, indeed. We can only hope that the supposed 'conservative' commissioners have a bit more conscience and fortitude than their GOP brethren in the US Senate. Pandemic relief funds and a ineffective border wall simply have nothing in common. As we have come to realize, the only ones that they are fooling are their very own fools.

Carlos Ponce

The fools are those who do not see the clear and imminent danger to Galveston County.

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] Clown Cult Carnival [thumbup]

Carlos Ponce

And while Texans are in danger, Bailey fiddled.

Carlos Ponce

"Nothing missing in disaster order except facts" -

District judges have informed Mark Henry the number of cases involving illegals has increased.

Emilio Nicolas

Wow! The "judge" thinks Galveston County was doing so well during the pandemic that he saw no need to distribute the "relief" funds earlier? So glad to hear that businesses, tenants, landlords, public works projects, the grid, etc. have been doing so well. Congratulations Galveston!

Carlos Ponce

You must remember that each city in the county received their own "relief" funds.

Emilio Nicolas

And the County apparently doesn't see the need to help those that do not live in incorporated areas, or to supplement the needs of those that live in a city within the county.

Carlos Ponce

I live in unincorporated Galveston County. My neighbors and I voice no complaints. Looks like Emilio has his hand out.[rolleyes]

Emilio Nicolas

Looks more like the unincorporated backwaters need the help Carlos. I'm sure the residents appreciate knowing they won't see improvements from the $67 million the county has been sitting on.

Carlos Ponce

Where are the "unincorporated backwaters" of Galveston County?

Emilio Nicolas

The areas you and the judge don't think need help.

Carlos Ponce

They're all getting help. Since you can't name the areas.........Emilio just made it up.

Emilio Nicolas

Yea Carlos, as usual you are always all knowing and always right. Here are a couple of links to other "made up" bankruptcies and unfunded projects in the County that could have used some of the money that's been sitting in the account (yes, even in cities within the county represented by the Judge ... and apparently you too!). Sorry, I can't provide a list of all the tenants and landlords that could have and still need relief ... guess they don't exist either.

Carlos Ponce

The cities take care of them. Which are in unincorporated Galveston County? Oh, that's right. You can't name one.

Emilio Nicolas

Those cities are within the county and paid county taxes. The commissioners are elected to represent their county, not just the unincorporated portions. And, the cities apparently did not "take care of them". Let's not loose site of the fact that the issue is how and where the county spends money. You may not see the need, but you are not all seeing. If I can't be specific for your requirements, perhaps you are right and others will agree that what Carlos doesn't see must not exist ... but they know that isn't true. I know you will persist in this thread until you think you are right in all related matters. So go ahead and unleash the insults and obvious frustrations in the endless trolling and comments that have become your hallmark when anyone expresses a different opinion. But whether you agree or not, this county isn't perfect and needs money spent here.

Carlos Ponce

They're being taken care of.

Pete Nanos

Political hacks, like the one who posted this argument, always leave out key facts and present you with their version of the story. Their version would have you believe that this is not a crisis and that it's no different than what's taken place in the past as with Jews, Italians and Irish. What's the difference, right? The big difference is no matter what they had to go through when they arrived, they came here legally. Then you have to ask who it is that is going to benefit from allowing millions of illegal immigrants to flood the country. Democrats are being thwarted from cheating again so they will now attempt to allow these illegal immigrants to vote. Two states have already started the process to allow them to vote in state elections. Can I get a little sad violin music to go with your " partisan journalism" ?

Jack Cross

It is a huge crisis that will be with us years to come. Right now it is costing the state $15 billion taken from local property values to fund over 400 property poor school districts many 100 percent Hispanic. Medicaid is in a Crisis Now. The law says that foreign students must be educated free, schools are prohibited to asking legal status. The texas Supreme court ruled that all school districts must have equal funding. Thats whats 50. Biden invited these people in Fact, every democrat presidental candidate said they would give illegals free health care.

Righ now texas has more students in schools than 29 state's have total population.

53 percent of students are tHispanic, 27 percent white students and this number is dropping each year. Texas has 1.5 million uninsured children and millions more with this surge. It is not just a crisis it is a disaster

George Croix


Use a British newspaper and twenty year old data to Declare that the invasion occurring at the southern border with the highest numbers in that 20 years has nothing…nothing…wink wink..nod nod…to do with candidates Biden and Harris encouraging illegals to come here, and President Biden’s executive orders in the first HOURS of his Admin. rescinding all of the previous Admin. initiatives that had illegal crossings greatly curtailed.

Sure is handy for the Left to have a ‘base’ that kind of spin plays well to…

Bailey Jones

Hi George - nice to see you back here.

George Croix

VERY temporary.

My BS indicator meter alarmed so loudly it broke itself after reading this editorial. My old Uncle would have called it a ‘sorta blivet’. Instead of the usual, uh, stuff this was 10# of myopic cherries picked and stuffed in a 5# bag labeled ‘facts’…gotta love it..🤥.

Thank God, though, for the First Amendment that allows us all to freely express our opinions…just before left wing nuts dox those of us not residing in fantasyland or demand we be fired or ostracized for not toeing the Orwellian lines currently in Vogue…


Gary Scoggin

Hello George. It’s been awhile mi amigo.

George Croix

Hey, Gary. Hope you're well.

This place looks like the Antiques Road Show with me, you, and Jim in the same place...grin real big......

Back to anonymity for me until the next unavoidable IMO screeching BS alarm goes off....

Setting the filter on it so it's not simply continuous is a challenge these rich environment everywhere...

Jim Forsythe

Until we change the way we address the problem, nothing will change. We must overhaul our policies so they remain the same year after year, and not change with each new President.

APRIL 10, 2019 "In recent months, however, the number of people crossing the Mexican border illegally has spiked, hitting a 12-year high in March."

This was the start of the spike we are now seeing. The reduction in 2020 was due to Corvid.

Carlos Ponce

"The reduction in 2020 was due to Corvid."

They keep insisting it is still around, Jim. And many entering illegally test positive.

The reduction in 2020 was due to


TRUMP'S remain in Mexico until your case is up deal with the Mexican President.

Jim Forsythe

52 miles of primary wall and 33 miles of secondary wall in locations where there were no barriers before.

Carlos Ponce

And that led to the reduction in 2020.

Jim Forsythe

You can say that the wall reduced the numbers, but most would say that Corvid was the reason for decrease.

But the reality was that it was not zero, and never will be.

Until we change the way we handle this problem, of people coming without a invite, they will find a way in.

Unless we demand a change in how we handle the problem, it will continue.

None of the ways past Presidents have handle it, will ever result in a solution to the problem.

Carlos Ponce

"but most would say that Corvid was the reason for decrease." Uh... no, Jim. Only Liberals.

George Croix

Jim, we address the problem by attempting to enforce the laws in existence now…that oath of office thingy. The ‘root cause’ is a dodge until the border is under better control, which it will not be any sooner than another Admin. comes in and reinstitutes working policies, rather than sending invitations and propping the doors open and handcuffing ICE and CBP versus the illegals…

We elected President/VP to care of the USA, not Central Americaand dozens of other countries sourcing people to our southern border.

Nobody in their right mind CARES about why the dog became mean while it’s chewing on their leg right now…

Of course, if..if…the real goal is encourage importing millions more potential voters then push amnesty, the picture becomes clearer…

Not that such would ever be the case…wink wink… nod nod….

Ask yourself, why would Biden appoint his VP to attend to illegal border crossings when she has always been an open and vocal advocate FOR said crossings….

There it is…

Jim Forsythe

Every 4 to 8 years we have changed how we handle the boarder problem. Until we have all on the same page, it will always be a problem. You may have liked how Trump, Obama or Bush handled the problem, but they are no longer in charge. So now we have the way Bidden is doing it, until the next President. This continuing changing the way we are doing it, will never fix the problem.

The root cause of the problem is the places that people are coming from are having large problems. We can continue to not address this, or we can try and help them to become a place people want to stay, instead of going 1,000s of miles in search of basic needs.

How can we fix the problem with the tools we have now.

Require all employers to report when a person is working and if a worker miss one day, they must report it that day. Fines and jail time if they do not. Double fines and jail time if the are not reporting employees working for them.

The same for students going to school, they would need to be account for each day, as visa overstays is the largest problem.

In each of the above cases the same would apply to the students and the employees.

Have a pool of worker to pull from in a time of shortage of workers. Employers could request a worker if they could not hire a USA citizen.

To ignore that all Presidents have not even come close to fixing the problem, makes it a reality that it will continue.

APRIL 10, 2019 "In recent months, however, the number of people crossing the Mexican border illegally has spiked, hitting a 12-year high in March." and the spike continues.

George Croix

Jim, 'ol friend, questions:

Is it OK for people many miles away to invite folks to come onto your property?

If they do come, do you look forward to feeding and housing them until you pay for their ticket to travel elsewhere in this country?

Is trespassing a crime that only citizens should face penalty for?

If 'walls/fences don't work' why did Congress put one up around the Capital to protect themselves against 'insurrectionists' (never-minding an entire summer/fall/winter of left wing 'insurrection' in other left wing cities - innocent folks there can pound sand...)?

Actually, the problem will NEVER be fully fixed because people WANT to come here, despite the current crop of loud noises from the penny ante America haters and their CRT and 1619 Project fantasies . BUT a hold on people on that side of the border until LEGITIMATE entries were made, an incomplete new wall that still cut way down on illegal entries, open and enthusiastic support for ICE and CBP, and no nonsense taking from Central American political honchos DID come closer than previous attempts to do something more than jawbone and take trips to 'study the problem' from 1000 miles away from it....

NO amount of double speak changes the fact that the current Admin. trashing all of those AND openly inviting illegals with PROMISES of free this and that has screwed the pooch big time...

Unless, of course, one can dredge up some two decade old info and conflate it to contemporary situations....wink wink...nod nod.....

No border security, no country....simple...

Looks like that's exactly what the I Hate the USA folks want, though.

People who love their country do NOT want to 'fundamentally change it', nor do they cherry pick only the bad parts...

Maybe we should be spending money for airplane tickets for those reality challenged folks to leave and go to what they say is a better country. And stay there. Thereby a win/win for this one.....

George Croix

Jim, BTW, if you need some exercise, come on by the house and grab my spare mower and string trimmer and help cut my yard work time from 4 down to 2 hours....grin....

Gotta get started. Talk with you some other time.

Hope you and yours are well...

Jim Forsythe

George that is what I will be doing this evening. We can be thankful we have grass, and not have the problems they are having on the West coast.

In the post above I outline some of the measures that I think would help. Along with the requirements for jobs and school, I would also require the same for housing. If you rent to someone that is not a USA citizen, then reporting requirements would need to be followed. Also needed is a increase in judges to hear the cases of the people wanting to come to USA. At this time I believed I read that over a Million cases are backed logged.

You may not like how Bidden is handling this problem, but he will be in office for three and a half years, or more.

This is why I'm pushing for a solution to the problem be reached by DC, because who ever is the next President will start their new program, to handle this problem.

As far as the wall, it has been built in the easiest places, and now acquiring land will be a large hurdle to over come.

We can use other means to control the border, that does not involve a wall.

What I prefer is a system like SBInet to be used along with other methods.

The goal of SBInet was to secure the border by fulfilling these main objectives:

deter potential illegal border crossers from making the attempt

predict illegal border activities before they occur

detect entries when they occur

identify what the entry is

classify the threat level of the entry before interdiction

track the movements of illegal entrants

provide a means to effectively and efficiently respond to entries

bring interdictions to an appropriate resolution (e.g., identity checks, judicial and administrative actions, deportations, and so forth)

SBInet, the Secure Border Initiative Network, was a program initiated in 2006 for a new integrated system of personnel, infrastructure, technology, and rapid response to secure the northern and southern land borders of the United States. It was a part of Secure Border Initiative (SBI), an overarching program of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to organize the four operating components of border security: U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, and the United States Coast Guard.

While doing these kind of things, we need to help make it more attractive to stay where they are, and not come to the USA.

Carlos Ponce

"Of the 26,222 people U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement held in June, 20,723 — 79 percent — had no criminal record, according to ICE records compiled by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University.

The fallacy in that statement is apparent. It only speaks of those caught and held by ICE. What about those who haven't been "held", who sneak into the country through the holes left in the wall? Far more of those than the 26,222 you write of.

And think about it. If you were entering the country illegally and had a criminal record would take a route surveilled by ICE? Those found in Houston stash houses were not in the count until after they were caught.

"DEL RIO, Texas – U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported that the total number of illegal immigrants who escaped capture, or 'got-aways', and entered the country illegally this year will reach 250,000 as of June 13."

march 2021 "A U.S. Border Patrol source reports the number of migrant 'got-away’s' tallied by the agency surpassed 118,000 for this fiscal year. In less than six months, the “got-away” number is nearly double that for all of Fiscal Year 2020. Last year, 69,000 illegal immigrants managed to avoid apprehension by the Border Patrol. Sources report the sharpest increase began in January as President Joe Biden took office."

Tony Brown

One piece of this no one is really talking about is the effect on our public schools. Under Federal law, our schools admit all children regardless of citizenship. We have significant numbers of "newcomers" enrolling in our schools - some don't speak english or spanish. (They speak indigenous dialects that descend from Mayan.) We are not provided funds to address all of their needs. Indeed, we are forced to send over 30 cents of every school tax dollar Galvestonians pay to the State under Robin Hood. We want to educate all children who attend our schools, but without funding to address this issue, it is a no-win scenario.

We usually get no records on vaccinations, academics or anyting else. We just have to "wing it." Moreover, many families don't plant roots here, so we work with a child for a couple of years, and that child leaves and is replaced by another "newcomer." And so it goes.

Jack Cross

Tony, Robin Hood is just part of the problem. Taxpayers are not aware of this but the state Property Value Study is the tool that allows the state to take billions of local property taxes,

You are aware that the school districts are capped at 1.17 per $100 valuation. That allows the state to take local property value and put it in the state budget. But it is worse, CADs that the state governs forces CADs to stay within 5 percent of the state property.

I know readers wont understand this but basically the PVC is a state appraisal using limited property sales samples, The state values are usually always higher than the CAD. If the cad margin of error fails 2 years in a row, the state cuts school funding. This year 2021, Galveston,Texas City and Hitchcock must pass

In other words the state is saying property taxes are too low and if the CAD doesn't raise them this year, we the state is going to punish the school district and dut your funding. Thus the school trustees and the CAD like property owners can protest.

Copy and paste this

Property owners will be shocked to know that the state has already told CADs and schools around the state that the state property value study show a 10 to 15 precent increase in residential property and 25 percent increase in a lot of commercial property.

Why, over 400 property poor school districts to provide equal funding. Those open borders and the flow of migrants and the high birth rate cost a lot to educate, thats where your pot of property values comes into play.

Now you know who to blame.

George Croix

One possible way to get the border back under some semblance of control at least to pre-Biden days might…might…be to make sure all those bus and airplane free rides into the interior of this country all…all go only to Wilmington, LA’s Brentwood, San Francisco, and Prospect Park in New York.

They talk it…let’s see them walk in THEIR neighborhoods and schools…

Ted Gillis

Tony, it doesn’t matter if the new students are legal or not. If these students are within your boundaries, their parents pay property tax (directly or indirectly through a landlord). Their parents also purchase goods at local stores, and pay the same taxes as you and I do.

You’re argument would also apply to all of those new students who’s parents are moving into districts with new construction rooftops. Aren’t the students from these new subdivisions burdens to existing school districts too?

Jack Cross

Ted, you are right but wrong, Texas law requires equal funding, that's what all the lawsuits are all about. There are I think over 400 property poor school districts a lot of them along the border are 100 percent economically disadvantaged. Across the state 66 percent of all public school children are classified as economically disadvantaged. These poor school districts are underfunded and like all school districts the state has their tax rate capped. most of them ate already at the Cap.

The state is under court orders to fund these poor school districts equally. The state needs revenue to do this, a lot of Revenue,, Robin hood was enough in 1993 but the student population has grown and it cost a lot to educate poor student, The state saw a big pot of money in the values of all the property in the school district so they devised a scheme of taking local property values to fill the hole in the state budget that is left after the state provided state money to provide equal funding to all these poor school districts. That is why your property taxes are high and why they are going to continue to increase. Close the border, we can't afford to pay to educate the poor of the world/

Ted Gillis

"Ted, you are right but wrong". Ha!

The story of my life. If I ever write a book about myself, that would have to be the title.

Jack Cross

Ted, i think you missed the point, you are correct, about parents paying taxes but not all of them and large numbers of the students are classified as homeless.

What you did not consider was that for a school district to be property poor means the property values in the school district is not enough to pay for the local share.

You are looking at $30,000 dollar houses. The state constitution and the Texas Supreme court as a result of hundreds of lawsuits sided with the Mexican Defense and Education league ruling that the state had to fund the hundreds of poor school districts equally. The state needs money ( billions) that is where the scheme to take local property tax values comes into play. Think about it, if we went back to the 80s and pre share the wealth with Robin Hood. A school district could just use their property values to cut the tax rate or use it for education improvements.

But each year more and more economically disadvantaged students grow and grow creating a huge problem for the state so they turned to tying the hands of school boards with limit amount per student and capping the tax rate. This allows the state to use local tax revenue by cutting their share of school funding and shifting it to the backs of local property owner.

Trust me, this is true but even the Galveston News tells me I'm full of it. even though i can source everything i said. The cost of migrants and those already here is destroying the school system. If you must educate foreign student free. That is one reason you see so many kids. They are a ticket to a lot of free stuff.

People better wake up, The state has already told school districts and the CADs across the state to expect a 8 to 10 percent in residential values and a 25 percent in commercial. These kinds of increases should shock the News and property owners and you would think that is news since increases in property taxes are a main point of interest, Tony Brown is one of the Attorney for the Cad and he should be able to verify these numbers. The state needs to quit punishing school districts and property tax payers..

Ted Gillis

Look Jack, I’m not disagreeing with you on the high property taxes. I own property in Santa Fe, Bolivar, and Galveston. I’m vey much aware, and I do the CAD protests. My point is that poor families, legal or not legal deserve a fist class education. We should not, as a society, create a cast system. Public education funding should be our number 1 top priority. Building a wall across someone’s ranch should be like priority number 900.

Jack Cross

Ted, first lets separate poor American kids and kids who are here legally/ lets also agree that the 1982 U.S. Supreme court decision pryler vis Doe. Overturned the 1975 Texas law that allowed school to charge a fee to foreign students ruling that all children must ne educated regardless of legal status.

Lets also agree that the Texas Supreme court ruled and the Texas Constitution states that all school district deserve equal education.

Lets also agree that it costs about $13,000 per student determined by formulas that give more money to poor students, limited English.

When you add in busses, sports, teachers, etc, etc. it cost a lot of money.

The state has a Tax rate cap of 1.17 per $100 .00 valuation. The property poor school districts are at the cap limit. They need more revenue to have equal funding.

It has zero to do with your argument. The state has to provide equal education. The state created robin hood in 1993 to transfer money from richer school districts to meet the courts demand. But as you know more and more kids keep coming across the border and the cost grew, the property poor school districts filed more lawsuits for equal funding and the hundreds other school districts filed lawsuits against the state for taking their property tax values

Ted here is the choice, you can't have it both ways. You can be ok with open borders, fund all these students equally where the state has to fund them. The state needed to look for a place to get the billions needed. The sales tax is the main source of revenue. The cost of funding all these property poor districts is so great, they dare not touch the sales tax. So the state looked at the big pot of money in the school taxing districts which is all properties.

That is why your property taxes are high, rising and will continue to increase.

The state has already told CADs and the school finance departments that the state Property Tax Survey determined a 10 to 15 percent increase in residential properties.

Let that sink in. How in the world does anyone think that all these poor kids can come here and it doesn't cost. Why did the state start Robin Hood in 1903? and that wasn't enough. if you don't this this is hurting schools, why do you think so many parents are pulling their kids of to private school? That is waht is making gettoes of all the Big cities all over the US. If you want the educate the poor of the world then you can't complain of high taxes because the state depending big time on your property taxes. I don't know why this is so hard to understand. Well I do, The state doesn't want transparency because they benefit from high appraisals.

Ted Gillis

I never said I was for open borders, Jack. I just think building a wall across deserts and ranchland is stupid. High tech deterrents and manned patrols can be implemented in areas that need it, and can also be moved around as needed.

All you have done Jack is convinced yourself and others that already feel your way that nothing can be done, except to build a wall, and to keep illegals out of our schools.

Let's start by criminalizing the hiring of illegal's. If it becomes financially prohibitive to hire illegals, then demand will fall. Word will get around quick that there is no work for them, and they will not come.

So I'm not trying to have it both ways.

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