It might be possible to see evidence of racial animus in the video recordings of two Galveston mounted police officers arresting Donald Neely for criminal trespassing in early August.

That requires really wanting to see a racist motive, however.

Michael A. Smith: 409-683-5206;

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Emile Pope

Glad to hear from such an authority on racism. Perhaps you can give some examples of racism that exist today?

Kelly Naschke

The lack of racism here really killed your buzz, didn’t it Emile? Just sad. You are part of the problem...not the solution.

Emile Pope

Interesting how some people can make definitive statements about racism not occurring but cannot give any examples of it occurring today.

Wayne Holt

Here's one very recent one for you: The public character assassination of two white police officers because the arrested person was black, they were following department policy that had bad optics, and had the misfortune of being photographed and "interpreted" world-wide as a couple of blatant racists as bad as Old Dixie ever grew. Sadly for the race baiters, it turned out not be the case at all.

If that isn't racism for you I'm not sure what would qualify.

Charles Douglas

What's interesting to me is how some people have perfected the art of being victims of every social situation or circumstance, and will go to the extreme or any given length to justify being a victim juxtaposed to being an overcomer! I had to put up with that BS type of attitude THE whole time I was in the business world!

Emile Pope

Overcomer of what?

Keith Gray


Jose' Boix

To me the whole number of events encompassing the life of Mr. Neely in Galveston is astonishing. To help to underscore the irrationality is summarized in this quote from the referenced article: "At least one of the officers knew himself that leading a man along the street with a rope was going to look bad. He said so on the recordings, and he was right." So why proceed rather than just hold till a more acceptable form of apprehension - presumably using a patrol car - was available. Just my thoughts.

Keith Gray

Because of the 98 degree heat... get me to the AC, I'll walk the block and a half.

Emile Pope

Which is irrelevant...

Keith Gray

Pope put yourself in that 98 degree for a bit, and see if you would rather walk a block and a half or wait for a transport car. Sure is easy to say it is irrelevant sitting in the cheap seats...

Jose' Boix

Just as an "academic exercise," it would be interesting to have some statistics regarding the number of Galveston Police Department apprehensions in a year; how many are taken "with horses" versus using patrol cars. Just my thoughts.

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