As today is an Election Day here in Galveston County, we wish to thank our readers for their support during this season.

Being in the media today is not an easy task — everyone wants to take shots at you for one reason or another. And with this year’s favorite and widely misused term of “fake news,” people are right to pause and more closely measure where they get their information. It’s still possible to get good, credible information from good, credible sources, but never has putting out falsehoods or outright lies to wide audiences been easier.

We are surrounded by it on social media services or on websites shammed up to look like real news organizations.

These are simply the times we live in.

We at The Daily News, however, are proud of the role we play in gathering credible and relevant information to share with voters. When you read something in our pages, you can be assured it has passed the eyes and standards of some of the finest professional journalists in Texas. We take this charge personally.

For the past several weeks, The Daily News has been filled with constructive dialogue and the sharing of ideas for the future of Galveston County. Also, while candidates have been open to speaking through these pages, potential voters have been publishing letters of support for their candidates of choice.

And because of our commitment to you, readers were able to review the information away from the noisy distractions of those pumping out unsubstantiated claims or salacious rumors.

It is our job to sort through the noise and provide you with information you can trust. You would be surprised what some people might wish for us to publish in order to advance their goal or agenda. And it is our objective to make sure what you read inside the pages of The Daily News is of the highest standards and levels of transparency.

We take our responsibility to deliver trustworthy news to heart. We wish for each and every voter to have only the most reliable information from which to make their decisions while standing before their ballot. And with you and your support of this newspaper, this opportunity exists for others as well. You play an important role in this process by reading this newspaper.

Again, thank you for your support of The Daily News during this election season.

Leonard Woolsey: 409-683-5207;

President & Publisher

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