So, the first round of county, state and national elections have come and gone with last week’s primary elections for either Democrat or Republican candidates. The general election is months away in November.

For the next few weeks, pundits — paid or otherwise — will venture opinions as to who made political gains and who didn’t.

One thing we found interesting, from seeing reader comments, is that there is a debate about which party took too hard a turn from its historical party principles. Did former Democrats turn to the Republican Party because the party left them? Or did the best efforts, and personal popularity of Gov. Greg Abbott, fail him in attempt to have moderate Republican state officials who opposed him removed from office?

Either way, the discussion will be almost a moot point until November.

While the political parties’ primaries and the national general election every two years in November carry a lot of weight, those ballots don’t carry the weight of what is about to happen in less than two months.

In May, for most of Galveston County, there are going to be essential elections, from utility district representatives to mayors and members of city councils. For the most part, especially on this ballot, party affiliation is an afterthought.

While they might mention their stand on weighty national or international issues, such as a wall between Mexico and the United States, relations between North Korea and the United States, or abortion or guns rights or a long, laundry list of subjects, there are more important issues they should be discussing.

Issues such as: Why have the potholes on the city’s streets not been repaired? Where do you feel the line is between streamlining local government and chopping services off? What is the proper ratio between police officers and residents … or, better yet, can seasonal visitors factor in the resources Galveston Island needs for its police force and beach patrol?

What about the traffic flow on Broadway or Harborside in Galveston? Or the traffic flow on state Highway 146 from Kemah to the northern part of Texas City? Or what is becoming of the residential and business development between Dickinson and La Marque?

To have those questions answered is going to take a high-wire act and, as is, it should. Our local officials have to negotiate with state and federal lawmakers, state and federal agencies, not to mention a myriad of reasons, or not, to be part of their communities.

Those are just a few of the questions that are more important, on a daily basis, than what the preachy stump politicians on the state and national stage will be talking about in the months until November.

Until then, we have the municipal elections in a few weeks.

You might to want to talk with the candidates. They are going to be the ones who vote on your water or local property tax rates.

• Dave Mathews

Dave Mathews: 409-683-5258;

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Gary Miller

From now to November is when the Media will be paid to make our choices for us. As usual the media thinks it is the only expert to find the perfect candidate and thinks the more money they get improves their intelligence. That the quality of the candidate increases according to the money the media gets from the candidate.

Gary Miller

The best government is elected from the bottom up. The worst government criminalizes it self from top down. What Trump is fighting is the top down government that thinks laws don't apply to them.

Jose' Boix

These are also important May elections:
City of Texas City 2018 Election Information

Early Voting:
April 25th-29th 8am-7pm
May 2nd-3rd 7am-7pm

Election Day: May 5 7am – 7pm

Election Applications Filed

Mayor: Matthew Doyle (1/17/18)

- Bruce Clawson (1/17/18)
- Dee Ann Haney (1/17/18)
- Phil Roberts (1/25/18)

District 1:
- Earl Alexander (1/29/18)
- Johnny Hollowell (2/14/2018)

District 2: Abel Garza (2/15/2018)
District 3: Dorthea Jones (1/30/18)
District 4: Jami Clark (1/17/18)

Chuck DiFalco

Mr. Mathews, you are correct. The local elections are the most important elections. Not only are the issues closer to our daily lives, but for 99.9% of us, one person can make a difference.

Gary Miller

Chuck. You are correct about the value of local elections. Understanding that is why the TEA Party focused on them. The thousands they helped get elected will be the candidates for higher office in the future. Good or bad government grows from the ground up.

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