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Robert Braeking

Once again the 'Mrs. Cravitz' crowd is talking about bans. Even though DWI arrests were low. The problem with 'topless weekend' is that it is becoming very popular. When the population of an area quadruples overnight, there are going to be problems. The same can be said of the biker rally in Galveston. So quickly people want to limit the liberties of the many for the stupidity of the few. Alcohol is an easy scapegoat. Perhaps the people who want to stand on our necks would be better served by understanding and addressing the traffic problems of such an influx of people.

Carlos Ponce

How did Galveston solve the Kappa problem?
Organize it for them - and they will stay away.
"Third, we expect 75,000 to 100,000 visitor’s the weekend of April 16-18 for Kappa Beach Weekend. By Learning from past experience and with excellent planning, the city and police department are better organized and prepared than ever for this event. We have several plans in place to address every aspect of this event." Chief of police Kim O. Schoolcraft GCDN April 4, 1999
"But the beach party began dying a slow death in the early 2000s, with promoters canceling it a few years ago."
"For years traffic was so bad some families even put off funerals. Some residents complained of lewd behavior by some revelers. And some businesses complained crowds walked out on tabs at restaurants."
How is the crowd handled at Crystal Beach?
"A larger, more loosely organized event, was held at Crystal Beach on Bolivar Peninsula and drew around 2,000 Jeeps."

Rusty Schroeder

Never ceases to amaze me what Laura's opinions are. I bet the convenience stores loved the business they got, I am sure it was a money maker for them. If you ban alcohol on the peninsula beaches you will end the party, they will go to Surfside and spend their money there. But getting the legislature to ban alcohol for a weekend or extended time on a Texas open beach, funniest thing I have heard today. Dienst, Del Papa, and Silver Eagle would definitely have a say in that not happening. Let's eliminate beer in downtown on Lone Star weekend as well, just another way to end the party's the "social elite" don't approve of.

Gary Scoggin

We don't need another law; we need to rigorously enforce the ones we have. Which, from all accounts is what the Sherrif's department did their best to do this past weekend. Kudos to them for their hard work under difficult circumstances.

A zero tolerance policy for everything from drinking laws to littering sends the message that, while we love for people to come visit and spend money, we want them to do so in a responsible manner. If they don't like it and want to do so in Surfside, then that's Matagorda County's problem.

Matthew Dan

Cramming too many people into a small area with few ways out is a recipe for disaster. There should be a set vehicle occupancy and heavy enforcement of minors drinking. Big fines should be given to minors drinking and those who sell to the minors.

Gary Miller

When I was younger I learned getting drunk was fun but there was no fun after getting drunk.

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