Before the U.S. Postal Service can fix a customer-service problem at the Bob Lyons facility in Galveston, it must admit having one. And it needs to stop blaming the “coronavirus” and “a busy holiday” season for troubles that predate both.

Such necessary examination doesn’t appear to be forthcoming, however. As area businesses and individuals lose money and trust in the post office for what should be routine, reliable transactions, the service continues to insist it’s business as usual and whatever problems there might be are isolated or anecdotal and unrelated and not systemic.

 Laura Elder: 409-683-5248;

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William Mattson

Thanks, Laura

I have been venting my frustration with the USPS officials but regularly ignored.

Today, I await a Priority Mail box from our St Louis home, which was mailed one week ago! This so called "priority service" has been getting worse and worse over last year-it promises (without guarantees) that it will be 2-3 business days delivery; it is unclear from tracking whether problem is systemic or Galveston or both, as they obscure the details along the way.

A month or so ago, I received an Amazon package which was damaged enroute(broken liquids); USPS claims that it was that way when Amazon put the package in USPS hands ( the manager of Galveston PO claims that they received it that way). Amazon says it was USPS. I finally gave up after the finger pointing.

Finally, we have had many letters sent from Galveston lost; no illegal check washing that we know of. All in all, USPS service here is unacceptable and getting worse!

I have taken to using Venmo, UPS, and FedEx when possible.

Diane Turski

Regarding saving the USPS in general, I suggest starting with removing the saboteur, DeJoy, who was installed as Post Master General by the last administration!


I mailed a flat clasp envelope with a few sheets of paper from the service desk at the League City Post Office to Denver CO on March 19. That envelope has not yet arrived. I subsequently scanned the few sheets and sent them by email.

Thomas Carpenter

I've complained numerous times about the "Neumans" substituting for the regular carriers to little avail, in fact to no avail. What's worse than a mall carrier who drops mail at the wrong house? The people who keep your mail.

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