County commissioners took an important step this week in improving how people with mental health issues are treated in the court system by creating a mental health public defenders program.

The program was created thanks to $735,334 in funding from the Texas Indigent Defense Commission. The county will add $298,208.

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Bailey Jones


It's just crazy to keep locking up people who can be helped - and be healed - by mental health care. Many of these people can be rehabilitated back into society as productive citizens if they can just get the care they need.

"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

David Hardee

The article says: “help those with mental health issues.” But actually nested in “those” is the clarions of the BLM claiming inequities in blacks' treatment by police and the judicial system.

The desired, very difficult and expensive result is that there be a pre-confrontation triage when a call or incident occurs requiring police assistance. The triage will decide if the assistance needed is for a person(s) of the category that requires special handling and if the event is one in a low crime exclusion list. If the perp and the offence are exclusive to the criteria then a specialist for that type crime and perp is notified to handle the event.

We have a institution that has gone under this type of modification. The public school system has gone from a teaching institution to a social services institution with teaching as an ancillary activity. Public schools first priority is to transport, feed, nurse and counsel the children, Those activities (transport, feed, nurse and counsel) were the responsibilities of the family.

But the Democrat progressive liberal VILLAGE has ,over time, restructured the traditional nuclear family to a PLACE where children are given a life with many differing structures by people that have custody. The structure of an intact biological nuclear family is relatively rare, today. That is another result, and the most awful, from the concept of “the Great Society legislation.

All the aforementioned restructurings have produced a society void of most the traditional standards of family, schools and judicial responsibilities and authority.

At this point another tinkering with a social institution is simply doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same result. More bureaucracy and more money with less ROI.

Votr wisely.

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