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Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden attends a news conference after a game against the Miami Dolphins in Las Vegas on Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021. Gruden is out as coach of the Raiders after emails he sent before being hired in 2018 contained racist, homophobic and misogynistic comments. Gruden released a statement Monday, Oct. 11, 2021, that he’s stepping down after The New York Times reported Gruden frequently used misogynistic and homophobic language directed at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and others in the NFL.

Good leaders, whether of a team or a community, lead by example; they uplift and make everyone feel heard, included and welcome. They give and earn respect even when disagreements occur — which they will.

One thing they don’t do is belittle the people they lead. Using derogatory language is never acceptable, not even once. But when a leader uses inappropriate language more than once, it’s not an accident. It’s a character problem.

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Bailey Jones

Obviously, this guy is a crappy person and the sport is better off without him. But he's just the tip of the iceberg. American society is toxic towards many of our own citizens. It's up to those of us who aren't actively discriminated against to stand up for those who are. I think the GCDN does an admirable job in that respect.

Carlos Ponce

"Gruden’s behavior toward the LGBTQ community isn’t OK."

But apparently, sending out pictures of topless NFL cheerleaders must be okay because nothing was done to members of the Washington Football Team (nee Redskins) hierarchy.

It seems that Goodall's treatment of Gruden was selective because Gruden targeted him.

And the hypocrisy goes on......

Jim Forsythe

The Washington cheerleaders lawsuits were settled out of court. The NFL also fined the Washington team $10 million for this and other problems. If one is not familiar with how long the NFL takes to investigate problem, they may think that nothing else will happen. In most cases involving the NFL, the finial results take time. Part of what is happening is the Washington owners may have to sell the team.

At the time, a number of cheerleaders came forward with complaints of inappropriate behavior — and hit the franchise with lawsuits alleging a secret, uncensored video taken at a cheerleader photo shoot had been distributed to team executives. The lawsuits were settled out of court.

The NFL’s investigation into the franchise’s culture and workplace initially concluded in July, resulting in a $10 million fine against the team. The investigation was reopened this summer to review some of the 650,000 emails involved in the review — and that’s when the images came to light, as part of the accusation that took down Gruden. Jay Gruden is Jon Grudens brother and both are involved in the Washington photo mess.

Now back to the real issue, Las Vegas Raiders ex head coach Jon Gruden.

Carlos Ponce

$10 million? A slap on the wrist for an NFL team. No one lost their job.

Jim Forsythe

Just as it has taken a long time to decide the finial outcome of the Texans Quarterback it will also take a long time for this mess to be been concluded.

Former Washington president Bruce Allen is part of the Washington football mess. Redacted versions of the emails were also uploaded as court documents in a case between Washington owner Dan Snyder and Allen over the summer.

That investigation concluded over the summer of 2021, resulting in a $10 million fine for team owner Dan Snyder and his wife Tanya assuming all day-to-day responsibilities as the franchise's new co-CEO. This is the first step in forcing Dan Snyder to sell his team.

Now back to the real issue.

Carlos Ponce

The obvious issue is NFL hypocrisy. "Rules for thee but not for me nor mine" doesn't sit well with those with moral standards.

Jim Forsythe

Be patience, the NFL is not done. Just as I said, the issues with the Texans has taken a long time and it will be awhile until they finish with that. This is the same , they are still working on this case and will be awhile before they issues the final punishment. The team is the first to administer punishment then the NFL will do their thing. The lawsuit part is just the beginning.

Punishment could be as much as forcing the sell of the team and loss of drift picks. They also may bar Jay Gruden and Dan Snyder from the NFL. The NFL disperses penalties, not all at one time.

This is not the only issues with Washington, that are being worked on. The sell of the team may be announced at the winter meetings.

Ted Gillis

I worked around guys like this throughout the years in the construction industry. Thankfully this type of behavior is not tolerated in the workplace any more (at least not on any union jobs). If people still do have opinions like Grudens, they keep it to themselves, like they should. Some people on the right do not like that the social pendulum that they used to hide behind has swung away from them. Now, it's up to all of us to make sure that it doesn't swing back. Thanks Keenan for your reporting on this.

Ted Gillis

So Carlos, instead of agreeing that Gruden is wrong, you’d rather go after his accusers? Typical.

Carlos Ponce

The accusers are hypocrites and should go after everyone who doesn't meet their "standards". Since they did not, they do not merit my patronage. It is typical of Ted not to see the intent of my post. He's not very bright.

Ted Gillis

Your patronage to the abuser is easily understood Carlos, even by the not so bright.

Carlos Ponce

I do not give patronage to any abuser, Ted.

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