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Charlotte O'rourke

The conflict comes with the history. When the Park Board was created by the city, it was supposed to receive no tax dollars. It was supposed to generate its own operating revenues. It was supposed to not compete or interfere with private business or zone property, Therein lies the problems. It’s function, scope, and need I say insular belief that city money is THEIR money is a problem. The Park Board does all of these things that were promised not be allowed, and receives both HOT and sales tax (both of which are city funds) and doesn’t pay any of the operational police and fire costs from promoting huge major events.

It’s time for change. Is our city council up to the task? We shall see.

Brenda Bock

The Park Board of Trustees was not created by the city.

Charlotte O'rourke

Yes the Park Board was created by city ordinance.

Brenda Bock

Just wanted to give a shout out to A. R. "Babe" Schwartz

Lisa Blair

The Park Board was created by city ordinance not by the Legislature.

Charlotte O'rourke

Brenda, may I ask how you think it was created?

Norman Pappous

When I was on CC, I often spoke about the accountability problem and city boards/commissions. CC stack these entities with friendly appointees who have zero accountability to the voter. Additionally - any citizen should have a major problem with unelected people having control over taxpayer funds. The seats on the Port and Park boards should be elected positions. That said - the job Kelly de Schaun has done is nothing short of magnificent.

Bill Cochrane

Norman, you say - " Additionally - any citizen should have a major problem with unelected people having control over taxpayer funds" ? Then pat Kelly de Schaun on the back for "magnificently " gaining control over taxpayer funds while CC slept?

Spoken like a true politician.

Norman Pappous

What she did with her resources was magnificent. Her plans should be approved by elected, not appointed, officials. Not inconsistent.

Charlotte O'rourke

It’s the city’s resources and revenues …. Not her (CEOs) resources. I find the belief that because one is hired to collect HOT revenues that it now BELONGS TO THEM, the collector, an unsupportable concept. For anyone else collecting and keeping, it would be considered theft. The PB admitted at their meeting yesterday that they haven’t been following the inter-local terms. Yet, the PB is trying to convince the city to make inter-local changes and not law (ordinance) changes to ensure compliance. Will city council follow this request? Can’t wait to see if the illogical and illegal continues?

Richard Moore

City Council needs to clarify it's expectations regarding the practical governance of the Park Board and the Wharves Board. The legal status of both is clear - the City needs to be unambiguous about what it's expectations will be. The City should only appoint citizens that understand the roles and responsibilities of the entities or at least provide written guidance to them during the selection process.

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