Even among Republicans, most observers well placed enough to know are skeptical that President Donald Trump has evidence to credibly argue, much less to prove, the widespread voter fraud required to have stolen the election, as the White House and a few others are alleging.

A few of the president’s advisers claim they have such evidence. They should put up or shut up soon, so the country can move on.

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Joel Martin

Now if only the editor would follow his own advice and return to the political center this paper might be worth keeping.

Carlos Ponce

"It was brilliantly subtle, stealing the White House for Biden but delivering many down-ballot defeats for Democrats. So as to cover its tracks?"

Keep informed. Thousands of ballots were turned in without scrutiny marked for Biden ..... but no one marked down ballot, Neither Democrat, Republican nor other.

"We've identified at least 450,000 ballots in the key states that miraculously only have a mark for Joe Biden." Attorney Sidney Powell (General Michael Flynn's attorney)

Your Spidey senses should go on for this revelation. Not "brilliantly subtle", Michael. So obvious!

Now you can imagine perhaps a few hundred in key states marking Biden only by low information voters but 450,000????????

Come on, man!

Bailey Jones

You're right, Carlos. These allegations are completely unimaginable. How exactly does one identify "at least 450,000 ballots in the key states that miraculously only have a mark for Joe Biden"?

Jim Forsythe

Bailey, of course it happened. Someone hand counted 450,000 ballots.

I was under the impression that ballots after being counted were under security, to keep people from rooting thru them in case of a recount.

Unless they had a court order to hand count ballots, they were breaking a law.

Carlos, how many people voted only for Biden in Michigan? Wisconsin? Minnesota? Are these the states you are talking about?

What was the numbers that voted only for Trump in these states?

Bailey Jones

That's what I wonder as well. In an election with so many new voters - and so many independents that came out of the woodwork just to vote Trump out is it any wonder that there would be Biden only ballots?

Critical thinking demands answers to these questions -

How was this discovered, and by whom?

How many Trump only ballots were there?

What percentage of votes does 450,000 represent - 10%, 1%, 0.1%?

Were these ballots in states with senate races, or states without? (With no senate race, an independent voter might not go down ballot.)

What is the percentage of president only ballots in previous elections? (Is this normal or abnormal?)

Or, to save time, you could just see "General Michael Flynn's attorney" and assume it's nonsense.

Carlos Ponce

"How exactly does one identify 'at least 450,000 ballots in the key states that miraculously only have a mark for Joe Biden?"

First you count the number of Biden votes. Let's call this "X". Then you count the total number of votes for each down ballot office - Democrat + Republican + Libertarian + Green + anyone one else on the down ballot per office.

Now compare the numbers.

They found that no other race on the ballot garnered that "X" number of votes, but "X - 450,000" indicating that 450,000 cast a vote for Biden and no one else, no other race.

Bailey Jones

That's not how math works, Carlos. Consider an example with 10 ballots and 5 races:

Ballot 1 - Vote for Biden and 1 vote for race 2

Ballot 2 - Vote for Biden and 1 vote for race 3

Ballot 3 - Vote for Biden and 1 vote for race 4

Ballot 4 - Vote for Biden and 1 vote for race 5

Ballot 5 - Vote for Biden and 1 vote for race 2 and 1 for race 3

Ballot 6 - Vote for Biden and 1 vote for race 3 and 1 for race 4

Ballot 7 - Vote for Biden and 1 vote for race 4 and 1 for race 5

Ballot 8 - Vote for Biden and 1 vote for race 2, 1 for race 3, 1 for race 4

Ballot 9 - Vote for Biden and 1 vote for race 3, 1 for race 4, 1 for race 5

Ballot 10 - Vote for Biden and 1 vote for race 2, 3, 4 and 5

Let's tally -

Votes for Biden - 10

Votes in race 2 - 4

Votes in race 3 - 5

Votes in race 4 - 5

Votes in race 5 - 4

By your logic, this would be interpreted as 5 ballots for Biden only.


The fact that such poor logic underlies this assertion makes me believe that it comes from a lawyer, not a statistician.

Carlos Ponce

What you post Bailey is NOT what happened. There are 450,000 ballots in key states with only a vote for Biden and NO ONE ELSE.

Bailey Jones

The people's mandate from the election is clear - Democrats lost a little, Republicans gained a little, but by and large, the primary message was aimed at the presidency. The majority of Americans has had enough of Donald Trump, and isn't especially happy with either party.

What next? Biden is and has always been, a moderate Democrat. So I expect only moderate progress. if the next four years gives us an investment in infrastructure and a public option for health insurance, I'll consider that to be a success.

What about socialism and the radical left? I don't worry about it, because I know who Republicans are talking about when they talk about the radical left. They're talking about people like me. And my neighbors. And we are nothing to be afraid of.

On NPR the other night, I heard an interview with Spencer Critchley, a writer and political consultant who has studied the Great Divide between right and left in this country. He was hawking his new book, Patriots of Two Nations: Why Trump Was Inevitable and What Happens Next. I downloaded it and read it over the weekend. He describes the left as followers of the Enlightenment - people who value facts and empiricism and logic, and the right as followers of Counter-Enlightenment - people who value faith, and tradition, and intuition. These two views go all the way back to the founding of the country. Each view is valid, and each view is incomplete.

I have long believed that all of us humans are like the blind men and the elephant - seeing reality through a glass, darkly, as the Apostle Paul said. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to bridge the Great Divide, but here is a way to come together. To finish out the verse - "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

Paula Flinn

Bailey, BEST post! Thanks!

Carlos Ponce

Bailey posts, "The majority of Americans has had enough of Donald Trump, and isn't especially happy with either party." Wait on the election outcome for the former.

David Hardee

Spencer Critchley – devoted Democrat and paid by Clinton and Obama as a consultant.

Reading, Spencer Critchley is okay but presenting his conclusions as a value in reality or philosophy is bewildering. Critchley builds a plausible perception. A blind man would find the flaws in Critchley as easy as figuring out the truth of the Elephant.

Your inserting LEFT and RIGHT into your belief of which Patriot is appropriate is questionable.

A great divide has safety until the bridge is built and the two opposing sides can physically get at each other. The rocks and arrows that had been launched across the great divide were mere insults. But the bridge was opened when the ENLIGHTENED left PHYSICALLY burns loots and destroys. Those unlawful events of the ENLIGHTENED are currently the isolated skirmishes The un-enlightened right is still relying on the law and order shield. Soon it seems that shield will not be adequate. Then the skirmishes will become less isolated and faith in law is gone. HOPE will soon dissolve, and love will turn into hate. Now the once irritant extremists on both sides will prove Paul's solution is useless and the physical fray will resolve the issue.

You will read your next inspiring literature by the glow of one of our megacities fire.

Trump was ENLIGHTENMENT and the left was resorting to an unlawful blind man. The brutal shame will be on all of us.

I want to be wrong, but it looks bad for us.

Our failure was to recognize that the only segment of society that was in jeopardy from Trump was the Establishment. All of Trump's acts were following down into the general population equitably. His irascibility and rhetorical style was very effective in all his negotiations on our behave but the directness irritated the gentile among us (women), The Establishment and the Media have managed every issue to be a denigration of Trump. The Establishment and Media skillfully used the natural divide to create the GREAT DIVIDE.


Ted Gillis

The president’s claim of election fraud is like a school kid who claims that the dog ate his homework, but in this case the president is proposing that the teacher themself is the one who must sift through the excrement in the back yard to disprove his claim.

Carlos Ponce

I heard Ted ate everyone's homework.

As a sophomore class sponsor at HHS I was one year put in charge of class officer selection. After receiving nominations through the English Classes (every Sophomore took Sophomore English) I printed a ballot and gave it to the Sophomore English teacher with instructions to placed the marked ballots in my teacher mail box. The lead candidate for Sophomore class president had over 200 votes. Problem was this was a small class and I had printed only 100 ballots. "Looks like we have a class full of potential Democrats," the Government teacher Mr. Parker told me. I re-printed the ballots with numbers in a different ink color. The new ballot count matched the number of students.

David Hardee

Fraud has degrees. A normal election produces a normal incident of fraud This election was extremely unique. Several reasons made it unique but the reason the fraud was - EXTREME -not relative to the normal amount was the synchronized deception. Mass mailed ballots was the fundamental element of the deception script. That type of ballot is uniquely susceptible to manipulation and extremely difficult to audit once the envelope and ballot are disconnected.

Obviously many people cannot consruct a mental picture of the dastardly event that could be executed over the travel of a ballot from its point of origin (corrupt/maintained/archaic) voter registration files to the gathering/selling/harvesting of the ballots on to the step of selective processing and counting. Consequently, the naivete of the general population will fall easily into believing a coopting/devious set of dastardly deeds is improbable.

Ted are you one of the naive?

Thomas Carpenter

Where's Bunker Boy? Nobody has seen him in public for five days. Guess he doesn't want to see the crowds saluting him with their middle fingers. Biden won, everybody knows it and Republican state officials acknowledge the honest vote. count. Biden assumes the mantle of leadership while Cadet Bonespurs hides and pouts and the feckless, cowardly GOP offers him a teat to suckle. We finally have a competent president (elect). Hallelujah!.

Carlos Ponce

Bunker Boy has returned to his home in Delaware.

David Hardee

It appears you are to be congratulated. Your crudeness will fit nicely into the agenda of the AOC cadre that makes Biden a puppet. You should also practice to e understand the speech of an unfortunate that is on the cusp of dementia. Biden has been manipulated through two previous unsuccessful bids for president and this third try under tutelage of staying out of the public sight achieved what the others around him used him for. Congrats, but this is one of those occasions where what is good for you will not be good for the country.

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