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Miceal O'Laochdha

Even low level criminals read the paper. When they learn that some of their pals have hit the same home 9 times and the police response is to say there is little to nothing that they can do about burglaries, the message is clear. Steal anything you see while cruising the alleys and side streets; no one is going to even try to catch you.

Don Schlessinger


Dalton Logan

RE: Mediation, appeals coming for county bail law suit. We all realize that sometimes the system can be unfair to an individual who has been arrested and may have financial issues that prevent them from being able to bond out and/or hire attorneys. At the same time we also follow the news up in Houston where some of these changes have already been put in place and how they keep on arresting the same felons over and over again for the same crimes or worse. Most when arrested or out on probation or out on bond for other crimes with many having arrest records that take multiple sheets to list.

alice watford

Thank you Laura!

Ray Taft

Laura Elder

TDN’s Managing Editor states: ’But residents and taxpayers, if they believe it’s important, should talk to their city council representative and city administrators and make it known they want police to prioritize fighting burglaries.’

Really? And what the hey! That statement is revealing and ridiculous. It insinuates the city does not take it serious, and that the city and TDN wonder if citizens really mind if their property is burglarized!

The real problem is with the city leadership, starting with the mayor, Democrat James D. Yarbrough. Get rid of him and his do-nothing about crime city-government. Then get pro-active people, not soft on crime Democrats, who will fight crime because that is what they know they are supposed to do.

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