It might seem hard to find any good news about race relations in the United States right now, but it’s there to see if you’re looking.

One example is the meeting this week between La Marque Police Chief Kirk Jackson and a group of young Black residents about how the department might hire more Black officers.

Editor’s note: The Daily News’ editorial department, like many small organizations, has not achieved the statistical alignment at issue in this editorial. The numbers in parentheses are county population percentages. The others are staff percentages: Women 45 percent (50.9 percent); Black 9 percent (13.2 percent), Hispanic 9 percent (25 percent); Asian 0 percent (3.5 percent).

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Charles Douglas

The author of this Op-ed mentioned money as a discussion point needed in meeting the PD recruiting goals! You said it! LaMarque is competing in the Area pool of ACADEMY Graduates with cities bigger and with deeper pockets! This needs to be remembered! LM really does not need to pay the most, but they should seek to be competitive, and that is a must! If not, LM PD will be relegated to training good officers just to see them leave with that training to be hired by agencies paying more with better benefits.

Bailey Jones


Bailey Jones

This article just shows that discussions about police reform are possible, and not even difficult, if leadership in the department is willing. Now the talk needs to become action.

La Marque has set the bar for every other police department - let the talking begin. And then follow the talk with meaningful reform. There's no downside to any service organization being responsive to the needs and desires of its customers.

David Hardee

The Chief cannot: miraculously manufacture qualified candidate

Compete with surrounding community salaries

Instill a desire to do public service

While the Chief is working with the community the community must work on itself. Institutions cannot solve societal dysfunctions.

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