It’s fair to ask, as many people are, what’s taking the cities of Galveston and Hitchcock so long to investigate a bullying complaint involving their police departments.

It isn’t exactly a whodunit.

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Carlos Ponce

"The Hitchcock Police Department hasn’t responded to repeated calls from The Daily News. What should we make of the silence?"
They're busy trying to protect and serve. The incident is not being ignored but a proper investigation is being conducted. Full disclosure, Chief of Police John Hamm is one of my former students. He's a fine man, an excellent officer, an excellent police chief. He was named Man of the Year by the Hitchcock Chamber of Commerce for the excellent work he is doing.
Part of the delay may be due to the confusion printed in the GCDN: "The officer told her the initial investigation showed the driver was a Galveston police officer and that the passenger may have been a Santa Fe police officer, Stanton said."
So the Santa Fe police officer turned out to be a Hitchcock police officer? Somebody was confused.

Emile Pope

Irrelevant to the discussion and does nothing to address the writer's concerns.

Carlos Ponce

Emile, it is very relevant. There's been a delay in the investigation by the Hitchcock Police. The initial GCDN report shows they believed the second officer was a a Santa Fe Officer, not Hitchcock. Can't see the relevance? Well, that's Emile for you.

Emile Pope

Garbage. Exactly how long does it take to discover a cop's location? Days? Weeks? Couldn't they just ask the other officer involved? How long does it take to interview them? They're not exactly hard to find. Stalling until the issue fades and then quietly dismissing it...where have I seen this before?

Carlos Ponce

Same old response from Emile. BORING and MONOTONOUS.

Raymond Lewis

It appears Mr. Ponce, you really have no idea what kind of investigation is going on or 'if' there is an investigation. The article did not question whether the chief is a 'fine' man. What was suggested is simply that a follow-up be provided to the incident and move on. A good way to demonstrate responsiveness/leadership at both PDs.

Carlos Ponce

"It appears Mr. Ponce, you really have no idea what kind of investigation is going on ..."
Raymond, you really have no idea what I know. Your speculation is off base.

Raymond Lewis

...and the evidence of your awareness of the investigation, in Hitchcock particularly? "Off base" if you will; your comments (only in my opinion) did not address the article but did speak to some "speculation" and distraction on your part. Not meant to offend. Only an observation.

Carlos Ponce

What I know, I know. If you reject it that's your problem. Have a good day.

Bill Cochrane

IMHO, here's where the issue went south. - "The driver approached the vehicle several minutes later, and slowly got into the truck, which caused Burke to raise his hands in a gesture of exasperation, Stanton said." Apparently, the policeman took the gesture as a show of disrespect. He actually told Stanton the gesture was the problem. Nothing to do with him being a cop. Not a black/white issue. The man was not moving quick enough for the young man, so he made a gesture that was taken as intended.

George Croix

"Do they hope stalling and silence will make it go away?"
I ask, again, WHAT do the complainants want done to the officers?

Steve Fouga

My opinion: The cities of Galveston and Hitchcock have every right to take the time necessary for thoroughness, to "get their ducks in a row," as they say. This is very serious business, affecting officers' careers and citizens' trust.

And local citizens and the GDN have every right to complain, to keep the pressure on. I'm really starting to like one of President Trump's favorite phrases: "We'll see what happens."

Jim Forsythe

I guess they are standing by the statement too the GDN on May 16, 2018. Part of the statement said, disciplinary action would be the only reason to release information .
From GDN
"Galveston police officials Wednesday said they were aware of the incident and were investigating.
“We want to make sure all of our citizens are treated with respect and fairly,” Galveston police spokesman Capt. Joshua Schirard said. “That’s why, even without a formal complaint, we are looking into the incident. We want to assure that if one of our officers did treat someone unfairly, or without the respect deserved, we take corrective action to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.”
“Right now, we are trying to ascertain if they were even our officers,” Schirard said. “We don’t have a lot of information. We want to make sure we verify who it was and go from there.”
Officials would release information only if the investigation results in disciplinary action, Schirard said."
If they would make a statement such as, at this time we are still investigating the incident, and as soon as we conclude the investigation, we will inform the press.
To not issue a statement, looks like they are not trying to be transparent.

George Croix

Of COURSE anyone has a right to complain, and off course appearances can make something 'look' like what it may not be.
That works in all directions.

“That’s why, even without a formal complaint, we are looking into the incident. We want to assure that if one of our officers did treat someone unfairly, or without the respect deserved, we take corrective action to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.”

"...even without a formal complaint..."

Why has there been no formal complaint?
An issue worth getting a Councilman to intercede on and the GDN to write a feature article on and then one followup so far would seem to be worthy of a formal complaint....does it not?
IS there a difference between a formal and an informal or in this case by proxy complaint for such things?
Maybe someobody knows the answers to both questions....

Joe Wilburn

This is the kind of things that happen when the Tail wags the Dog so to speak. We have a system in place to protect law abiding citizens from the hired people with authority. When elected officials fail or succumb to threat and can no longer control the hired guns, the system becomes a dictatorship instead of a democracy. Be especially careful of the people who are put into special crime task forces as they have special power. You can identify them easily if you become a target, just look for people coming onto your personal property not having to identify themselves as law enforcement taking pictures of things. Elected officials are the only check and balance we have, hold them accountable.

TR Galan

In spite of Mr. Ponce's excuses and slight-of-hand attempts, thanks to the News for the article. The topic shouldn't be permitted to fade away without an official response. Regarding the Galveston Stanton's that I'm aware of, emphasis on the 'credible and highly respected' description.

Carlos Ponce

"slight-of-hand attempts," No, TR, just the facts.

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