Early voting for the Nov. 5 election begins Monday, and while there are no heated, partisan races among national- or state-level politicians, the sad truth is many people tend to ignore local elections.

That statistic — the number of eligible voters who actually bother to vote — is seldom great and often dismal, not even cracking 10 percent when there are no party-driven issues or people on the ballot.

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Bailey Jones

It's worth voting in these "less important" elections if for no other reason than to verify that you haven't been expunged from the voting rolls, due to error (or shenanigans).

Chuck DiFalco

There is a much higher chance your vote will make a difference in a local election than in a national election.

Jose' Boix

For the voters within the Texas City area, the 18 Charter Amendments need your vote. These are amendments that are very much needed, including the proposal to have them reviewed every 5 years. In addition, there are language changes to match current federal and State laws, and revise the salaries paid to the Mayor and Commissioners. As a member of the Charter Review Committee, I support all the 18 Amendments as proposed. Please check with http://www.texas-city-tx.org/page/citysecretary.elect_home to get voting and amendment details.

Jose' Boix

Regarding the proposed 10 Texas Constitutional Amendments, I believe that our Legislators should spend more effective time and effort to re-draft the Texas Constitution. All the proposed Amendments seem to be more "procedural" than "policy." I am for having the Constitution state and define the "what" and not the "how." In addition, look at the convoluted and confusing language developed for Proposition 4 regarding State Income Tax. Voting either way will not change the fact that any State Income Tax must be approved by the voters. I have already written my arguments and position on Propositions 2 and 8. Propositions 1, 9 and 10, detail procedural issues rather than policy. Just my thoughts.

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