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David Schuler

A single number says nothing about the detailed design decisions that went into the proposal. How much for student security? How much for hurricane / flooding resistance? How much for 'state of the art' features that end up being obsolete in a few years? When do we get to see a model and ask question in an open forum?Finally, are the design consultants involved paid on the basis of the final budget or on a fixed fee? I've learned over the years to never assume anything in Galveston is done with the proper due diligence the first time around.

Carlos Ponce

"How much for student security?"

PBK Architects have designed several new schools in this area. In terms of school security they have proposed 18 best practices for schools, many in the physical layout of those schools:

"Texas School Safety & Security (TSSSC) Preliminary Best Practices"


I believe they have incorporated physical plant safety features in their proposal for a new Ball High School. For a list of high schools they designed see:


David Schuler

We need facts, not opinions. I"m a practicing engineer and expect an appropriate level of design detail before agreeing to an additional $400 - $500 per year in taxes. In the early 2000's I donated a significant amount to Ball High for a new computer lab; within two years the teacher had quit and the equipment scattered to the winds,

Carlos Ponce

Then communicate with one of the Facilities Committee members: Chairman Johnny Smecca (johnnysmecca@gisd.org), Shea Jobe (shaejobe@gisd.org), Monica Wagner (monicawagner@gisd.org). All this is available on the GISD website.


David Hardee

Carlos, the website does not supply any details as to the bond request. If you have some access to WRITTEN documentation I would appreciate a link to it.

Thanks David

David Schuler

I should not have to 'reach out' to the school board; it should be their responsibility to sell this to us taxpayers. I'm all in favor of a new high school but the cost seems way out of line. Of course it should cost more to build a school that is hurricane rated, raised, and meets new student security and academic requirements, but when i hear terms like "state of the art" from educational professionals my blood runs cold.

Carlos Ponce

David Hardee:



Carlos Ponce

David Schuler - "I'm all in favor of a new high school but the cost seems way out of line." It includes the cost of remodeling the football stadium which by law will be a separate issue on the ballot hence the wide range given.

I am reminded of a bond proposal in SFISD in the early 1970s which failed since it was deemed high in cost. So a pared down bond was passed with costs reduced. I remember Government teacher Mr. McDavid showing me huge holes in the quarter-inch gypsum board used to reduce costs. You get what you pay for.

Carlos Ponce

"it should be their responsibility to sell this to us taxpayers." Not to worry. This they will do. The bond issue will not be voted on tomorrow.

David Hardee

This is a rehash of KATHRYN EASTBURN The Daily NewsDec 12, 2019 article.

Hopefully, it will get some interest from the public since Eastburn's did not. Astounding how apathetic/ignorant most of the population is and when the tax increase hits complains. The low circulation of the GDN and the absence of any well-circulated

PUBLIC SERVICES CRITIQUE information is a shame/problem.

Would be beneficial if this article would give the detail of the cost of a bond issue. Most bonds are very expensive and often the initial cost accelerates during the construction process.

mid of estimated bond would be 210,000,000.00 and 7000 students would be cost of $32,000.00 per student. Adding in bond cost and interest over 25 years would be another approx reasonably another 6%.

The estimated $200.00 yearly PROPERTY tax increase will severely effect the fixed income and elderly.

Brick and mortar will not improve academic standing. GISD is on a path to follow La Marque's demise. The board, faculty, teachers-unions, parents, and students need more renovation than the buildings. After 60 years of Federal control of education, the quality of education is dismal and still in decline. The population of Galveston is same as it was 60 years ago approx 60,000 and the student population is still around 8500. Sadly the Federal using destroyed the 8 private/parochial schools that educated 35% of the students in Galveston. Time is here to issue vouchers and cultivate a network of schools with smart people setting priorities that produce good education, supplying society with citizens prepared to meet the needs of its workforce.

Michael Jozwiak

In view of all the stupidity evidenced in the national political debate over the last several years, I think we do what we must to stop the idiocy of the last generation continuing into the next.

Bailey Jones

[beam] Money well spent.

Michelle Aycoth

This will make school taxes on average residents go up $200 per year.

Andy Aycoth

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