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alvin sallee

This is a common sense editorial. We have allowed a minority--"representatives of the gun industry" and lack of mental health care to terrorize our school systems. 1984 is here.

Charles Douglas

I had a thousand things I was going to post but here you go:

Better Safe Than Sorry!!!! ......Rory O' More.

Charles Hughes

Go ahead post them.Need a little amusement

Charles Douglas

Problem with some people they have no ideas or contributions so all they want to do is set in the shade, let time pass, criticize, and be amused!! Well hope you got amused! Lolo

Charles Hughes

Sure did, Didn't let me down.What did I critize o wise one?

Robert Ray

Better safe than sorry? What ever happened to “I’d rather set 100 criminals free than to lock up one innocent man”? Or “Those who seek safety at the loss of their freedom deserve neither”? (Admittedly, the last one is horribly paraphrased, but I hope you can see my point).

Don Schlessinger

So much for "red flags". I wonder if the Laura would have the same sympathy for 17-19 year old's in the same situation.

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

The editorial was clear in that the district should have called in the student and everyone should be on alert. There's no question. The issue is arresting students and sending them to jail or juvenile detention and later determining there was no threat.

David Schuler

Of course a balance must be struck. But the past has shown that the more that rules are based on administrative discretion, the more likely it is that students of wealthy or influential families are treated differently. I completely agree with Laura that some process and review of the threat is needed before action is taken. But not so much as to allow privilege or money to affect the outcome.

Gary Miller

Treating an innocent child like a criminal could create a criminal adult.

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