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Carlos Ponce

It is the Federal government's jurisdiction to conduct the census. They will already encourage census participation in public service announcements. Newspapers and other media can encourage participation in that census. That would be more effective than any state or local government urging participation. That's the power of the press. Use it.

David Schuler

The Federal Government has no more vested interest in making sure that an accurate count is made here in Galveston County as they do in the scablands of Washington state. New York officials know that, and in 2019 announced that New York will spend up to $60M to make sure "every New Yorker is counted". While some of us here in Texas may have a more independent and self-reliant view of the world ("Federal funds? Fooey!"), New York seems to clearly understand that dollars invested now could return 10X to 100X times more in federal funds over the next decade.

Bailey Jones

Small town thinking. Getting the census count,like getting the vote out, is a civic obligation. More than that, it's a city wide and county wide cooperative effort that can bring communities together. In these divisive times, it's a opportunity that shouldn't be squandered.

Jim Forsythe

Texas is expected to gain 2 or 3 more Electoral Votes from the 36 we have now, after the census is complete. It depends on the head count as to which it will be, 2 or 3.

It will also determine how many more spots we have in The House in DC. These and many other reason why it is importin for Galveston County to be proactive.

The count for Galveston could come back as 49,999, and cost Galveston for 10 years.

24 states like Texas that are not spending a penny. The political divide is stark: Seventeen of those 24 are led by Republican governors and legislatures, including population heavyweights like Texas, Florida and Ohio. But of the 26 states that are spending money, only four are Republican-controlled.

Last census count cost Hidalgo County!

Hidalgo County, over a thousand square miles of scrub and urban sprawl on the Mexico border, has been here before. Officially, 866,000 people, live here. Unofficially, county officials count more than a million. This time, the county will spend $300,000 on census response. But it has been planning for this moment since 2017.

Bailey Jones

"The political divide is stark"

I suspect that has something to do with the demographics of increasing population.

Carlos Ponce

"In 2010, Galveston failed to hit the critical 50,000-resident threshold..." Do you contend that was because of census error? Looking at the decrease in school population and movement of businesses to the mainland I'd say the lower number was due to Island flight. A lot of ex- Galveston residents now live in League City, Texas City, etc.

"In the 2000s skyrocketing home prices created by the completion of many high-rise projects have forced many middle class Galveston residents to move off of the island to many cities, including Texas City, League City, and La Marque."


"Including all students, GISD lost 8% of its students (780) between the 2002-2003 school year and the 2006-2007 school year, with a 7% loss (610) in 2006. The district lost 12% of its students during the same years when Hurricane Katrina evacuees and out-of-district students are excluded."

Same website with references to Galveston Country Daily News.

Jim Forsythe

No, I'm talking about this time. Galveston or any city could come up with a count that dose not let them into the next level. The same goes for the

Electoral Vote, it would be a shame to be just one short of the need number to get 2 instead of the 3 we could have, because we did not do every thing necessary

for a accurate count.

Carlos Ponce

As in the past if a state feels there was an under count they can ask for rectification. There is a population estimate in place.


Jim Forsythe

Why would you want to relie on a estimate, when you could get it right the first time. It did not work out for Hidalgo County in 2010.

Carlos Ponce

Again you don't get it.

Jim Forsythe

Every 10 years we are counted. If people are missed the city, county, state looses out on many things.

Why would you not want to count every citizen in your area?

Unless the state, city, county has a underlying reason not to count all, all needs to be counted.

Carlos Ponce

"Why would you not want to count every citizen in your area?"


Don Schlessinger


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