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Susan Fennewald

I wish I knew more, at this stage..
The actual physical units don't need to be any different, do they? They just need to adjust the criteria for who receives the subsidized housing? So instead of making it available only to "low" income people, they can make it available to "moderate" income people? It's supposed to be housing for low to moderate income people isn't it? (though its been for low income and very low income people in the past).

Ron Woody

Hear! Hear!

Thanks for the common sense Mr. Smith!

Bailey Jones

It occurs to me that if the minimum wage was a living wage, the "work force" could better afford the "market rate". Subsidizing housing for low paid workers is really subsidizing the businesses who employ them and profit from their labor - corporate welfare.

Ron Woody

Mr. Jones, there is some truth to what you are saying, but in many areas specifically coastal communities the need is for those that are serving our community and making well above minimum wage. First Responders, teachers, etc. all need a place to call home.

Minimum wage is a starting point not an end point. Numerous times I have worked for minimum wage, but did not remain there for long.

Raymond Lewis

Good sensible piece Michael. Such an approach would be good for the Island's quality low income housing stock. Perhaps your suggestions will encourage things to get "back on track" with the sensible path in place before 'sensible' folks began doing nonsensical things.

Don Schlessinger

Well said Michael.[thumbup]

Kerry Riggs

Mixed income housing, excellent idea!

Gary Miller

It could be that the kind of housing being built is the problem. Buildings like the upper income build for themselves intended for subsidized housing drives prices out of reach. I remember how happy my family and other low income people were when we got into a bare basic Downey home in the 40's. A place to cook, eat and sleep was great. Subsidized housing should be bare and basic. Realitors want high cost construction, low income want a safe place to cook, eat and sleep.

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