To believe the U.S. electoral system is rife with voter fraud is to believe the most powerful country in the world has devolved into a banana republic — politically unstable and corrupt. It hasn’t.

Most assertions by politicians at all levels about widespread voter fraud, particularly about mail-in ballots, are based on nothing. They are cynical cover stories, handy if a candidate loses. Loopy though they are, the false claims are corrosive, eating away the underpinnings of the greatest democracy in the world.

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Bailey Jones

Trump is a liar. He lied about the election in 2016 because he thought he would lose and he needed a scapegoat. He's lying about the 2020 election for the same reason. He's spent the last four years systematically debasing and abusing every political institution that made America great. He is a hemorrhoid on the body politic, and the #worstpresidentever.

I look forward to metaphorically dancing on his metaphorical grave come November.

David Hardee

Good! Your getting into hyper mode. That is exposing the deep psychic hate and irrational effect hate creates.

Yes, but the institution had become infected with the progressive liberals and the debasing/abuse is long overdue as a curative. The strain on the once healthy body politic from the progressive liberals caused as you admit a hemorrhoid where the Democrats had been inserting their heads. Metaphors are fun to play with but can be like an anecdotal easily be destroyed by another metaphor.

Historians will decide on the quality of Trumps administration. But I recall that your ilk has a distaste for history because it lies and fails to report the inconsequential events you thought were relevant.

Dancing on a grave even metaphorically is sick.

Carol Dean

Voter Fraud has been rampant in the USA for a number of years! Texas being a prime example starting with the LBJ generation. Harris county has been one of the worst with documented mailin ballot fraud. We need to make Voter Fraud a felony, not just a slap on the hand. People need to be willing to file more lawsuits against the perpetrators. Purge the records of deceased voters and illegals!

Don Schlessinger

"Purge the records of deceased voters and illegals!" [thumbup]

Connie Patterson

Unfounded?Really? What planet are you living on? How about Dallas Jones in Houston?

Bailey Jones

I welcome the prosecution of any and all voting fraudsters. Please come back and tell us when Dallas Jones has been charged with an actual crime, not just partisan hearsay accusations.

Carlos Ponce

Good for you, Bailey! The They are currently investigating the voter fraud that occurred in 2018 in Harris County. There's a reason other than legit for Harris County being so Blue.

Connie Patterson

The actual voting machines are safe. It’s the mail in ballot NOT THE ABSENTEE BALLOT, don’t be confused.

Sharon Stratman

I'm guessing you're not being facetious. An absentee ballot IS a mail-in ballot.

Jack Cross

Sharon you are confused, Absentee Ballots and Mail in Ballots are much different. Absentee ballots have long been a part of the voting system, these are ballots people request and are only for over 65, disabled or people swearing that they will be out of town during the election. Mail in Ballots are millions of ballots mailed out that have not been requested. Laura should have identified the difference because this is the area that Trump is complaining about. Without a question, these are going to be a problem because anyone can intercept these and fill then out. They can be destroyed, plus the voter rolls are not clean, people has died and ballots still mailed. People have moved, some to other states. To say there is no fraud is a guess ,because the rules for this election have been changed. Some states allow ballots to be turned in 14 days after the Election. Even Biden must think there is going to be a problem or why would he hire 600 lawyers. And He and Trump have reason to be concerned. If Laura had done her homework she would have found that the first test of 2020 mail in balloting in New York state found 1 in 5 mail in ballots being tossed out. !00,000 ballots tossed, candidate furious, two months after the election a winner not declared and lawsuits out the yahoo. The chaos in New York is a warning about November’s elections: Voting is being transformed by the pandemic. But no state has built new election infrastructure. No state has the time or the money to make sure vote-counting will go smoothly in November. And just about every state is about to be hit with a massive surge of absentee ballots. New York officials said “This is what happens,” “when you jury-rig a system that hasn’t been designed or implemented or tested before.”. In Pennsylvania the Federal Government night now are investigating 9 military ballots found in the trash, 5 has voted for Trump. During this passed primary 500,000 mail in ballots have been tossed. Common sense should tell you that with ballots being received days after the election and thousands if not million of ballots being tossed, the 600 Biden lawyers will be hard at work. I say there is a guarantee for chaos, not winner declared and Trump complaining. This is where the democrats and the press kicks in saying I told you he would not leave office and demanding that he do so. We may even have a constitutional crisis. Many people including me think that is the plan after all, sort of an insurance policy. Hillary has already told Biden not to accept the election. Oh how I wish we had an honest press.

In New York, the election infrastructure was overwhelmed by a massive increase in voters requesting absentee ballots rather than risking voting in person.

Carol Dean

No, Connie, the actual voting machines are NOT safe! Truth of the matter is that it is very easy for someone on site to “hack” and change the code numbers!

Raymond Lewis

Ms. Dean, it would be helpful for the reading public of these sections to see some data to support your notion of 'very easy to hack and change the code numbers'. It would be very helpful to this reader. Can you site specifics?

Gary Miller

How can the electoral college total be different than the popular? Seven states have election laws letting non citizens vote. The non citizen vote doesn't affect the states electoral college delligates but are added to the states popular vote total. Legal but useless.

David Hardee

As always, a professionally written, and persuasive article from Laura Elders. Under the classification of Editorial the context is presented as opinion. Several quotes and conclusions are added to establish veracity.

The problem is that the article is targeted at a single individual, our President Trump. For that reason the author has proved the ery point she disputed. The MEDIA is overly critical (bias) with reporters and opinion generator parading as journalist.

The central theme that the Presidents claims of fraud potential in the RECENT modifications to the voting procedures is correct. Evidently Laura finds no cause for concern. To suppose those modifications are benevolent and will improve the veracity of the results is horribly naïve. The Democratic Party is renowned for devious self-interest acts painted as benevolent. Trumps claim is very appropriate. Appropriate because the conduct from the opposition has for the duration of his administration conducted a campaign of collusion with the DNC, FBI, and the Democratic Party controlled House a conspiracy which has substantial evidence of criminal and treasonous intent. That evidence has not had the Media publication because of bias, again.

The article states - Trump has not been Presidential - that is true - as to the traditional recent presidents. The recent presidents have manipulated, placated, and pandered (and call it compromise) our country into a nanny/socialist state. Into a financial supplier to China and Iran’s terrorism, into a sponge for illegal immigration that destroys traditional culture, a wimpy society getting and wanting government to provide (control) over Heath, Education and Welfare (The Great Society).

Laura’s style and products are envious. Less supposition and more balance will improve credibility.

Dalton Logan


George Soros

I am sure the managing editor will take writing tips from the comment section

David Hardee

This may be an identity error. The only George Soros prominent to me is the one that has an anti-USA phobia and uses money to create enormous havoc every where he is. If that is not you I suggest you consider a pseudo when in public. Tahat is my TIP to you.

As to my evaluation of Laura's article it was more than a "tip."

Therefore George whether the managing editor takes "writing tips" or not the GDN has solicited comments - without context restrictions. And that is the reason snide remarks, like yours, that offer zero to the discussion must be tolerated. Your fortunate I find snide as only a slight irritant.

Ted Gillis

The 6-9 ballots found in a waste basket in the Pennsylvania court house election offices were old ballots from the earlier primary election. They were mistakenly discarded because they were mixed in with ballot request envelopes. The clerk was disciplined. No voter fraud.

The tall tale that the the president told during the debate about ballots in the ditch, ballots in the creek, or ballots in the river is just a big lie. No ballots were found in the trays of mail found tossed in the ditch somewhere in the Midwest (Iowa or was it Wisconsin). Mail inspectors are investigating this one. No voter or election fraud.

Carlos Ponce

No tall tales were told by the president. But Ted seems confused: "(Iowa or was it Wisconsin)"????

Carol Dean

Google Dr. Laura Pressley for more info on voter fraud. Also, Allan Vera in Harris County. Galveston County did a lot during the primaries to crack down on Voter Fraud. I bet they will be at the top of their game until the voting process for POTUS is concluded!

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