The city of Galveston is right to caution people about letting leaves, grass and other plant parts get into the storm-sewer systems.

We should all heed that warning because we’ll be on the receiving end of the bad consequences of being lax about keeping those flood-control systems clean enough to function.

Michael A. Smith: 409-683-5206;​.

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George Laiacona

It’s nice to see that our local newspaper has allowed space to try and get the point across to the island residents and businesses that the clogged storm drains are a serious problem. Even as the state is installing new drains on Broadway you can see November’s leaves piled up on top of some of the drains. I have always said that Galveston’s favorite style of landscaping is to grow weeds in the curbing, therefore allowing the litter to collect long enough to be pushed be the rains to the storm sewers. Or watch as the November leaves float to the middle of the streets after April rains. The other problem is the mechanical street cleaners spend more Tim’s sweeping the center of the streets rather than the curbing. If some how we can come up with a incentive program to convince all islanders that they are needed to help keep our island clean, this could turn out to be a good idea for all those who are legitimately concerned about the look of our island.

Bailey Jones

It's not enough to just clean up after yourself - dead oleanders and palms are shedding leaves all over the island - many of these on city properties. Ultimately it will be up to the few who are willing to get out on their street and clean up everyone else's mess. It's supposed to rain tonight - best get busy.

Don Schlessinger


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